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Epic Games

Subsidiaries and divisions[edit | edit source]

Name Founded Acquired
Chair Entertainment 2005 2008
Epic Games Berlin 2016 N/A
Epic Games China 2006 N/A
Epic Games Cologne 2019 N/A
Epic Games Japan 2010 N/A
Epic Games Korea 2009 N/A
Epic Games Montreal 2018 N/A
Epic Games New Zealand/Australia 2018 N/A
Epic Games Publishing 2020 N/A
Epic Games Seattle 2012 N/A
Epic Games Stockholm 2018 N/A
Epic Games UK 2014 N/A
Life on Air 2012 2019
Psyonix 2000 2019

Former[edit | edit source]

Name Founded Acquired Divested
Impossible Studios 2012 2013
People Can Fly 2002 2012 2015


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