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Final Fantasy
The logo for Final Fantasy.
Developer(s)Square Enix
Publisher(s)Square Enix
Year introduced1987
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The Final Fantasy series is developed, and was originally published by, Squaresoft. After the merger with Enix, the video games were published by Square Enix (Final Fantasy IX was the first in the main series).

For the most part, Final Fantasy video games are traditional console RPGs, with the exceptions of Final Fantasy XI and XIV (MMORPGs) and the Tactics series of strategic RPGs. Most of the video games in the main series have been re-released in a series of collections for the PS1.

Video games with a Roman numeral are considered to be part of the main Final Fantasy series, though the video games have very little to do with one another (with the exception of the Final Fantasy X, VII and IV direct sequels). There are also several spin-off series, including Tactics and Crystal Chronicles.

Originally, Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III were not released in the US, so Final Fantasy IV was renamed Final Fantasy 2 and Final Fantasy VI was renamed Final Fantasy 3 when they were localized. Now that all of the Final Fantasy video games have been released in the US, they are referred to by the original numbers in all regions. Additionally, all four Game Boy video games are part of a completely different series but were rebranded as Final Fantasy games when they were localized from Japan.

Main titles[edit]

The Final Fantasy games are released in Japan first. Their original Japanese title is in English, with a Japanese transliteration (not a translation) underneath, so that Japanese-speaking players can easily read it, too.

N. Title Year Genre Systems
Main Series
1 Final Fantasy 1987 Globe.svg NES, PS1, GBA, PSP, Wii, PSN, mobile phones
Flag of Japan.svg MSX
2 Final Fantasy II 1988 Flag of Japan.svg NES, WSC, Wii
Globe.svg PS1, GBA, PSP, PSN, mobile phones
3 Final Fantasy III 1990 Flag of Japan.svg NES, Wii
Globe.svg NDS, PSP, mobile phones
4 Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy II (US)
1991 Globe.svg SNES, PS1, GBA, NDS, Wii, PSP, mobile phones
Flag of Japan.svg WSC
5 Final Fantasy V 1992 Flag of Japan.svg SNES, Wii
Globe.svg PS1, GBA, PSN, mobile phones
6 Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy III (US)
1994 Globe.svg SNES, PS1, GBA, Wii, PSN, mobile phones
7 Final Fantasy VII 1997 Globe.svg PS1, MS-Win, PSN
8 Final Fantasy VIII 1999 Globe.svg PS1, MS-Win, PSN
9 Final Fantasy IX 2000 Globe.svg PS1, PSN
10 Final Fantasy X 2001 Globe.svg PS2
Globe.svg(remastered) PS3, PSV, PS4, MS-Win
11 Final Fantasy XI Online 2002 MMORPG Globe.svg PS2, MS-Win, X360
12 Final Fantasy XII 2006 Globe.svg PS2
13 Final Fantasy XIII 2009 Globe.svg PS3, X360
Flag of Japan.svg mobile phones
14 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn 2013 MMORPG Globe.svg PS3, MS-Win, PSN, PS4
15 Final Fantasy XV 2016 Globe.svg PS4, XB1, MS-Win, Stadia
16 Final Fantasy XVI 2023 PS5
Direct Sequels
10.2 Final Fantasy X-2 2003 Globe.svg PS2
Globe.svg(remastered) PS3, PSV, PS4, MS-Win
4.2 Final Fantasy IV: The After Years 2008 Flag of Japan.svg mobile phones
Globe.svg Wii, PSP, PSN
Final Fantasy VII Compilation
7.2 Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII 2004 Flag of Japan.svg mobile phones
7.3 Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII 2006 Action FPS Globe.svg PS2
7.4 Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode: Final Fantasy VII 2006 Action FPS Globe.svg mobile phones
7.5 Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII 2007 Action-RPG Globe.svg PSP
Final Fantasy XI Expansions
11.2 Final Fantasy XI: Rise of the Zilart 2003 MMORPG Globe.svg PS2, MS-Win, X360
11.3 Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia 2004 MMORPG Globe.svg PS2, MS-Win, X360
11.4 Final Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan 2006 MMORPG Globe.svg PS2, MS-Win, X360
11.5 Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess 2007 MMORPG Globe.svg PS2, MS-Win, X360
11.6 Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin 2013 MMORPG Globe.svg PS2, MS-Win, X360
Ivalice Alliance (Final Fantasy XII)
12.2 Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings 2007 Strategy Globe.svg NDS
12.3 Final Fantasy Tactics 1997 Strategy Globe.svg PS1, mobile phones
Remake: PSP (The War of the Lions)
12.4 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2003 Strategy Globe.svg GBA
12.5 Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift 2007 Strategy Globe.svg NDS
12.6 Crystal Defenders 2008 Strategy Globe.svg X360, Wii, PSN, mobile phones
12.7 Crystal Defenders: Vanguard Storm 2009 Strategy Globe.svg mobile phones
12.8 Final Fantasy Tactics S 2013 Strategy Flag of Japan.svg mobile phones
Fabula Nova Crystallis (Final Fantasy XIII)
13.1 Final Fantasy Type-0 2011 Flag of Japan.svg PSP, PSN
Globe.svg PS4, XB1
13.2 Final Fantasy XIII-2 2011 Globe.svg PS3, X360, PSN, MS-Win, mobile phones
13.3 Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII 2013 Globe.svg PS3, X360, MS-Win
13.4 Final Fantasy Agito 2014 Flag of Japan.svg mobile phones
Final Fantasy XIV Expansions
14.2 Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward 2015 MMORPG Globe.svg PS3, PS4, MS-Win, MacOS
14.3 Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood 2017 MMORPG Globe.svg PS4, MS-Win, MacOS
14.4 Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers 2019 MMORPG Globe.svg PS4, MS-Win, MacOS
14.5 Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker 2021 MMORPG Globe.svg PS4, PS5, MS-Win, MacOS


Most games in the Category:Final Fantasy Tactics are part of the Ivalice Alliance (see above, FF12).

Title Year Sub-series (genre) Systems
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Final Fantasy USA: Mystic Quest (JP)
Mystic Quest Legend (EU)
1993 Globe.svg SNES
Vagrant Story [1] 2000 Ivalice Alliance (action-RPG) Globe.svg PS1, PSN
Dissidia: Final Fantasy 2008 Dissidia (fighting) Globe.svg PSP
光の4戦士 Final Fantasy 外伝
The 4 Heroes of Light: Final Fantasy Side-Story
Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light
2009 Gaiden Globe.svg NDS
Final Fantasy Legends 光と闇の戦士
Final Fantasy Legends: Warriors of Light and Darkness
Final Fantasy Dimensions
2010 Legends Globe.svg mobile phones
Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy 2011 Dissidia (fighting) Globe.svg PSP
Bravely Default [2] 2012 Gaiden Globe.svg 3DS
Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade 2012 Globe.svg mobile phones
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy 2012 Rhythm game Globe.svg 3DS, mobile phones
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call 2014 Rhythm game Globe.svg 3DS
Final Fantasy Explorers 2014 Globe.svg 3DS
Final Fantasy Legends 時空ノ水晶
Final Fantasy Legends: Crystal of Dimensions [3]
2015 Legends Flag of Japan.svg mobile phones
Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line 2023 Rhythm game Globe.svg Switch
  1. Vagrant Story is a predecessor of the Ivalice Alliance.
  2. Bravely Default is the direct sequel of The 4 Heroes of Light.
  3. Crystal of Dimensions is the direct sequel of Final Fantasy Dimensions.

Crystal Chronicles[edit]


Video games from other series[edit]

This section lists video games that were labeled as Final Fantasy for marketing reasons.

SaGa series:

Seiken Densetsu series:

Video games with Final Fantasy characters[edit]

These are non-Final Fantasy video games that star characters from the series.


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