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The logo for Guild.
Developer(s)Comcept, Grasshopper Manufacture, Level-5, Millennium Kitchen, Nex Entertainment, Vivarium
Year introduced2012
Genre(s)Compilation, RPG, Shooter, Simulation

The Guild series consists of 7 games that were produced by Level-5 and were made by different designers for the Nintendo 3DS.


Guild01 is a compilation of 4 games that had a physical release only in Japan. It also included a demo of Time Travelers. Each game was later released separately on the Nintendo eShop. Liberation Maiden was also released on iOS.

Game Designer
Aero Porter Yoot Saito
Crimson Shroud Yasumi Matsuno
Liberation Maiden Goichi Suda
Weapon Shop de Omasse Yoshiyuki Hirai


Each game in the second compilation, Guild02, was released only on the Nintendo eShop.

Game Designer
Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale Kaz Ayabe
Bugs vs. Tanks Keiji Inafune
The Starship Damrey Kazuya Asano, Takemaru Abiko

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