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Developer(s)Toshiba EMI
Publisher(s)Toshiba EMI, FCI, Seismic, Sega, Atlus USA
Year introduced1984

Hydlide is a series of games developed by T&E Soft. The first game was originally released for the NEC PC-6001 and NEC PC-8801 computers in 1984, in Japan only; an MSX release came the following year. A Famicom version was first released under the name Hydlide Special on March 18, 1986 in Japan; three years later, in June 1989, that version saw a North American release by FCI, its title having been returned to simply Hydlide.

The first game is notable for being one of the earliest console role-playing games (it lacks text and dialogues). The graphics appear to have been influenced by the computer rol-playing game Ultima III, though Hydlide had very different gameplay.


Although developed and released in Japan, all the original titles of the Hydlide games are in "romaji" (Roman alphabet) on both the title screen and the box. Sometimes, a Japanese katakana transilteration was added, but just as a reading help for the Japanese players.

N. Title Year Systems
1 Hydlide 1984 Flag of Japan.svg PC6001, PC6601, PC8801, PC9801, FM-7, Sharp X1, Sharp MZ, Win, phones
Flag of Japan.svgFlag of the European Union.svg MSX, MSX2
2 Hydlide II: Shine of Darkness 1985 Flag of Japan.svg PC-8801, X1, FM-7, phones
Flag of Japan.svgFlag of the European Union.svg MSX
1 Flag of Japan.svg Hydlide Special
Globe.svg Hydlide
1986 Globe.svg NES
3 Hydlide 3: The Space Memories
(NES) Hydlide 3: Visitors from Darkness
(SMD) Super Hydlide
1987 Flag of Japan.svg MSX, MSX2, PC-8801, PC-9801, X1, X68000, NES, Win, phones
Globe.svg Sega Mega Drive
1 Virtual Hydlide 1995 Globe.svg Sega Saturn

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