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The HyperScan is a video game console from the toy company Mattel. It uses Radio-frequency identification|radio frequency identification (RFID) along with traditional video game technology. Players are able to enhance the abilities of their characters by scanning cards.

The system was sold in two varieties: a cube and a 2-player value pack. The cube box version was the version sold in stores. It included the system, controller, an X-Men game disc, and 6 X-Men cards. Two-player value packs were sold online (but may have been liquidated in stores) and included an extra controller and 12 additional X-Men cards.

The system was discontinued in 2007 due to poor console, game, and card pack sales.


The games for the system were sold as "Game Packs", which consisted of a game disc accompanied by six game cards (seven for Spider-Man). Additional cards which contained characters, abilities, moves and levels when scanned were part of a six-card "Booster Pack". As with most trading card packs, the cards were randomized, meaning a player looking for a certain card to unlock that element of the game may have had to buy multiple Booster Packs in order to get it (while getting multiple cards for another aspect of the game), or trade it for another with a friend, as was likely intended by the Hyperscan's card aspect.

Multiple booster packs were intended for certain games, with X-Men intending to have 102 cards to unlock parts of the game, according to its instruction manual, in separate "red" and "black" series; the latter went unreleased due to the console's cancellation, effectively leaving half the game locked behind a paywall which, barring some kind of hack which would unlock the entire game, can never be lifted.

There were only 5 titles known to have been released, with 2 canceled games.

# Title Genre(s) Total Cards
1 Ben 10 Platformer 80 Released
(6 included + 74)
2 Interstellar Wrestling League Fighting 54 Released
(6 included + 48)
51 unreleased
3 Marvel Heroes Platformer 70 Released
(6 included + 64)
4 Spider-Man Platformer 59 Released
(7 included + 52)
1 unreleased
5 X-Men Fighting 56 Released
(6 included + 50)
46 unreleased
6 Avatar: The Last Air Bender ??? ???
7 Nick Extreme Sports ??? ???

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