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Incredible Technologies
Incredible Technologies's company logo.

Incredible Technologies (IT), located in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights, Illinois, was founded in July 1985. IT is the largest US designer and manufacturer of coin-operated video games. IT specializes in the design and development of entertainment hardware and software for coin-operated, consumer and cartridge-based systems. The company employs over 100 designers, programmers, artists, animators, sound engineers, service technicians and production personnel.

IT is the creator of two of the most successful arcade games in the world, Golden Tee and Silver Strike Bowling. IT's flagship products were the first commercial amusement devices to utilize cellular modem technology to allow player statistics and tournament play to be tracked wirelessly from anywhere in the world. A large and devoted following has grown up on various "virtual sports" communities which follows tournaments and game play developments, including a small core of "professional" players, which is made possible by the fact that in some locations Golden Tee tournaments can be entered into for cash prizes.

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