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Interactive Magic

Interactive Magic, also known as iMagic, is a developer and publisher of simulation computer games founded in 1994 by MicroProse co-founder JW "Wild Bill" Stealey. Interactive Magic grew from $0 in 1995 to $23 million in annual sales by 1998. iMagic went public in 1998 and was sold to a venture capitalist in 1999, when Bill Stealey left the company. In 2002, Founder JW Wild Bill Stealey returned to run the company. Wild Bill changed the name of the company to iEntertainment Network.

Currently iEntertainment Network is a public company, (IENT: OTCBB on Yahoo Finance). IENT currently continues to operate WarBirds, the online flight simulation game. IENT has also launched its first mobile game, Bow Hunter 2015.

IENT has also announced an LOI for an acquisition of Tapstar Interactive.

IENT can be found on Facebook and Twitter. The current IENT webpage is

Interactive Magic published WarBirds, Destiny (1996), Capitalism, Seven Kingdoms, Air Warrior II & III, Apache, Hind, iM1A2 Abrams, War Inc., Fallen Haven, Liberation Day, Ultra Fighters: The Collection, iF-22, and iF-16, among other titles.

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