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Kid Icarus
The logo for Kid Icarus.
Year introduced1986
Genre(s)Action, Platform, Shooter
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Kid Icarus is a series of games by Nintendo. The games take place in a universe loosely based on Greek mythology. The hero, Pit, serves the Goddess of Light, Palutena, in a battle against the forces of Darkness, such as Medusa, the Goddess of Darkness.

The first two games were similar in design to Metroid, albeit with a more linear approach. In fact, the original game was developed by the same team as Metroid, Nintendo's Research and Development 1, using the same game engine. However, after a long hiatus lasting about two decades, the series reemerged as a hybrid on-rails and third-person shooter, similar to the Sin & Punishment games.

Kid Icarus is notable for being a relatively light-hearted series. Enemies include Eggplant Wizards that turn Pit into a giant vegetable, enemy designs are more cartoonish than they are in Metroid, and in the recent Uprising, voice-acting is used to constantly inject humor into the action.

In addition to the main series of three games, Kid Icarus has had cameos in other titles. Most notable of these was in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where Pit was a playable character. Ironically, the director of Brawl, Masahiro Sakurai, went on to lead the production of Uprising.

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