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Last Ninja
The logo for Last Ninja.
Developer(s)System 3
Publisher(s)System 3
Apple II icon.png
Apple II
BBC Micro icon.png
BBC Micro
Superior Games
NES icon.png
Year introduced1987
Genre(s)Action, Platform

The Last Ninja is a series of computer and video games published by System 3. The first game in the series, titled The Last Ninja, was released in 1987 for the Commodore 64.

The Last Ninja was one of the most successful games ever for the C64, with over 2 million copies sold worldwide for all formats.[citation needed] In 1988, System 3 released Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance, and in 1991 the third game in the series, Last Ninja 3: Real Hatred is Timeless.

In 1990, Last Ninja Remix was released for 8-bit systems. This was Last Ninja 2 with new music, a new introductory sequence, slightly changed graphics (most notably the screen border) and fixed bugs. Confusingly, the 16-bit versions of the original The Last Ninja game were also released in 1990 as Ninja Remix.

Generally the games had been made with Commodore 64 as the lead platform, with other platforms getting less attention (sometimes the porters didn't even receive the C64 version's data, and had to reconstruct the entire game from scratch).[citation needed] Versions of The Last Ninja for the BBC Micro, Acorn Electron and Acorn Archimedes/RISC OS computers were published by Superior Software, while Activision published it for the Apple IIGS.


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