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Medal of Honor
The logo for Medal of Honor.
Developer(s)DreamWorks Interactive, Electronic Arts, 2015 Inc., Rebellion Developments, Netherock Ltd., TKO Software, Budcat Creations, EA Canada
Publisher(s)Electronic Arts
Year introduced1999

Medal of Honor (MoH) is the name of a series of first-person shooter games set in World War II. The first game was developed by DreamWorks Interactive (currently known as EA Los Angeles) and published by Electronic Arts in 1999 for the PlayStation game console. Medal of Honor spawned a series of follow-up games including multiple expansions spanning various console platforms, Windows and Apple Mac.

The Medal of Honor series puts the player in the boots of an Allied combatant during World War II, with weaponry appropriate to the time period. The player fights for the United States (although groups such as the French Resistance have been represented), and the main character varies between games. The games are often characterized by linear gameplay through recognizable WWII-era areas of conflict, which is sometimes presented in a cinematic tone.

In the later games in the series, the artificial intelligence (AI) of the enemies and fellow soldiers has been notorious for being below or above current FPS expectations. The violence is usually bloodless and simple, usually consisting of elaborate animations.