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Metro Corporation
Metro Corporation's company logo.

Metro Corporation is a Japanese arcade, console, and mobile-game-developing company founded on May 15, 1987; their first two arcade titles, Pang Pom's and Sky Alert, were released in 1992 (the former was also licensed to Mitchell Corporation for manufacturing and distribution) and the following year, they developed Poitto! for Able Corp.. In 1994, they released Last Fortress: Toride (and two sequels, Toride II and Toride II: Adauchi Gaiden) along with Dharma Dōjō: Mezase, Tachimaro Ō and Gun Master - and in 1995, they released Mouse Shooter Go Go and a fourth Last Fortress title named Daitoride (they'd also developed Pururun and Puzzli for Banpresto that year). In 1996, they released Bal Cube; three years after that in 1999, Enix and Namco developed Bust a Move 2: Dance Tengoku Mix (which, as the name suggests, is the follow-up to 989 Sports' 1998 Sony PlayStation game, Bust a Move, known as "Bust a Groove" in the US and EU) for them (IGS also licensed Puzzle Star and Puzzli 2 to them for manufacturing and distribution that year). In 2000 they developed Truck Kyosokyoku for Namco, along with a third Bust a Move title, Bust a Move: Dance Summit 2001 for Enix on the Sony PlayStation 2 - and in 2001, they developed GekiToride-Jong Space (a compilation of two previously unreleased sub-games, the eponymous "GekiToride" and "Jong Space") for Namco (IGS also licensed Puzzli 2 Super to them for manufacturing and distribution during that year).

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