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The logo for Mother.
Developer(s)APE, Inc., HAL Laboratory, Brownie Brown
Year introduced1989

Mother is a series of JRPGs created by Shigesato Itoi for Nintendo. The second game, EarthBound (Mother 2 in Japan) is the only one to be released outside of Japan.

Rather than taking place in a high fantasy setting, the games take place in locations resembling real life. Thus, many of the game's aspects are more mundane. For example, rather than slaying a goblin with a sword, characters drive off a mad dog with a baseball bat. That said, there are still a number of fantasy and science fiction elements in the games' worlds.

Although the series became popular in Japan, Mother 2, renamed Earthbound, did poorly in its Western debut, making it the only entry in the series to officially be released in the West. Nevertheless, the series has a worldwide cult following, which has translated the entire series into English. Meanwhile, characters from the Mother series have made appearances in other games. Most notable is the inclusion of Ness in all three entries of the Super Smash Bros series.

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Earthbound is an RPG for the SNES. It had good success in Japan as Mother 2 and Nintendo ported it to the US with a big advertising campaign, but failed to sell as well as in Japan. Later, in Japan, it was re-released on the Game Boy Advance along with Mother (the first game) as Mother 1+2.

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