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Mystic Ark
The logo for Mystic Ark.
Year introduced1992

Produce & Enix made four RPGs that have many points in common:

  1. The 7th Saga (originally Elnard), is the first game made by Produce & Enix together, where the heroes' trainer is named Lemele (Remeer in Japanese); somehow it is a prequel to Brain Lord (no spoilers here).
  2. Brain Lord has a different gameplay from the other games; anyway, it shares many plot elements with them, including the name of some characters; some game mechanincs introduced in this game are found in the next title.
  3. Mystic Ark is the third game made by Enix and Produce. It mutuated the turn-based combat system and the party system from Elnard, while it inherited the emphasis on puzzles from Brain Lord.
  4. The fourth game, Mystic Ark: Maboroshi Gekijou was made for PS1, but very little is known about it outside Japan. "Maboroshi Gekijou" means "Phantom Theatre".

Game list[edit]

Sorting the table by Number (N.), the games will be listed according to the point of view of the main character.

N. Title Year Genre Systems
1 Elnard
(US title: The 7th Saga)
1993 Turn-based RPG
4 Brain Lord 1994 Action RPG
2 Mystic Ark 1995 Turn-based RPG Flag of Japan.svg SNES
3 Mystic Ark: Phantom Theatre 1999 Turn-based RPG Flag of Japan.svg PS1

Links between the first three games[edit]

Links between the Famicom/SNES RPGs

No official link between the games exists, although they are all made by the same team, lead by Shinji Imada. Still, the games have lots of elements in common.

  • The 7th Saga takes place in two ages separated by 5000 years. In Mystic Ark Lemele/Remeer and all the characters are abducted from their original worlds, therefore this fact justifies a separate lore.
  • The old king Lemele/Remeer is sort of immortal: it is known that he lived for centuries or maybe millennia. He is featured in all the games. He was born after the "past" of The 7th Saga, he is the main character of the other games, and he was killed near the beginning of the "future" of The 7th Saga.
  • The characters of Lemele/Remeer (immortal hero), Ferris (immortal faerie) and Lux (immortal android) are the strongest bond between three titles that would span 5000 years of history.
  • Dragons are common in the past of The 7th Saga, people are inquiring on them being disappearing since a century or so in Brain Lord, and then they are just legendary in the future of The 7th Saga.
  • The cities in the past and the future of 7th Saga are completely different, and this would leave room for the further different cities in Brain Lord.
  • The ruins of a high-tech lost civilization are featured in both titles; in 7th Saga the origins of these ruins are eventually explained, while Brain Lord does not contradict it.
  • Statues of a nameless winged Goddess can be found in all three games. They mark the savepoints in Brain Lord and Mystic Ark, but they just characterize the houses of healing in The 7th Saga.
Game endings & series continuity

Most of the information in this section comes from the endings of the games.

  • 7th Saga (past): The main hero dies in the final battle, but his/her spirit is reincarnated in Lemele/Remeer; the rebirth takes place centuries later.
  • Mystic Ark: The etherworldly trial of the bodyless souls of Lemele/Remeer and Ferris/Fellis; the game ends with the reincarnation or birth of either hero: you can hear the cries of the newborn baby. Therefore, Vince and Katabanch can be the same characters in Mystic Ark and Brain Lord before and after their birth.
  • Brain Lord: Lemele/Remeer reincarnates as the son of a Dragon Warrior. It can be assumed that the two heroes from The 7th Saga were the first two Dragon Warriors, and the one who survived established the Order. Ferris/Fellis is born as the next Faerie Queen of the desert.
  • 7th Saga (future): In Brain Lord it was explained that a Faerie Queen leaves her queenship after two hundred years of reign; it is prerogative of any faerie to change shape at will: it can be assumed that Ferris/Fellis and Romus, disguised as a traveler and his dog, met their end in the castle of Aran after they left her kingdom. Lemele/Remeer lived for centuries; now an old king, he is assassinated before the beginning of the game, and an impostor takes his place.

Cover gallery[edit]

  • Original box artworks:
Elnard box.jpg Brain Lord box Japan.jpg Mysticark box.jpg Mysticark2 box.jpg
  • Localized box artworks:
The 7th Saga box.jpg Brain Lord box.jpg

All the original box covers depict some of the heroes and important characters in the games. Instead, the US covers have almost no connection to the game contents: the monsters that are depicted on the US box of 7th Saga are not similar to any monster met in the game; also, there is no floating castle nor any floating location in Brain Lord, despite the US cover.

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