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Need for Speed
The logo for Need for Speed.
Developer(s)Criterion Games, EA Black Box, EA Bright Light, EA Canada, EA Games, EA Mobile, EA Montreal, EA Seattle, EA Singapore, EA Vancouver, Eden Studios, Electronic Arts, Electronic Arts Nederland BV, Exient Entertainment, Firebrand Games, Ideaworks3D, Pioneer Productions, Piranha Games, Pocketeers, Slightly Mad Studios, Team Fusion
Publisher(s)ak tronic, EA Games, EA Mobile, Electronic Arts, Electronic Arts Victor, Destination Software, Dice Multimedia, Zoo Digital Publishing
Year introduced1994

Need for Speed (NFS) is a series of racing video games developed and published by several studios including Canadian-based EA Black Box. Need for Speed is the most successful racing video game series in the world, and one of the most successful video game franchises of all time. As of October 2009, over 100 million copies of games in the Need for Speed series have been sold. The series debuted with the release of The Need for Speed in North America, Japan, and Europe in 1994 for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer. The games consist mainly of racing with various cars on various tracks, and to some extent, includes police pursuits in races. In Japan, the series was originally released under the Over Drivin' name. After the release of Need for Speed: High Stakes, it adopted the western name. Every game after Need for Speed: Underground has customization integrated into gameplay and every game after Need for Speed: Most Wanted (except for Need for Speed: Nitro and Need for Speed: World) was released with either a Special Edition, Collector's Edition, or Limited Edition. EA is also working with Deamworks Studios create a film adaption of Need for Speed in February 7, 2014 that is not based on any individual game.