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Nova Games of Canada
Nova Games of Canada's company logo.

Nova Games, also known as Amenip Nova Games, or just Amenip, was a Canadian game manufacturer based in St. Laurent, Quebec, between 1981 and 1993; in their inceptive year they released Mariner (was licensed to US Billiards for US manufacture and distribution under the name 800 Fathoms), Naughty Mouse (it was later rereleased with modified characters as Woodpecker), and Round-Up with Centuri (later rereleased by Taito Corporation as Fitter). In 1982, Taito Corporation licensed their own Dock Man to them for Canadian manufacture and distribution under the name of Port Man - and in 1983, they released Intrepid, while in 1984, they released Zarya Vostoka. In 1990, they released New Multi Game 5 (Rock Tris, Tong Boy, Bubble Gum, Box Logic, and Cross Point Ball); finally, in 1993, they released Street Viper (a laserdisc racer with only the steering wheel) before disappearing forever.


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