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Polyphony Digital
Polyphony Digital's company logo.
Parent companySony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios

Polyphony Digital Inc. is an internal video game developing company of Sony Computer Entertainment and is part of the newly formed Sony World Studios. The studio was formerly known as Polys Entertainment, but after the success of Gran Turismo they were granted greater autonomy and their name changed to Polyphony Digital.

The studio is best known for its Gran Turismo racing game series. Led by Kazunori Yamauchi, Gran Turismo has become the most successful racing series for the PlayStation and PlayStation 2. The Gran Turismo series is aimed at offering a "simulation" feel to racing video games allowing drivers to experience driving and racing cars that the average person would never be able to drive or buy in real life.

In 2006 Polyphony Digital released Tourist Trophy in an attempt to bring the realism of Gran Turismo to motorcycle racing.

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