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Produce's company logo.

Produce is a Japanese video game company. Founded on April 6, 1990 by former Irem employees, it developed a number of games for both Enix and Hudson Soft. They have created games for the SNES, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and PC Engine systems.

Games developed[edit]

Title Year Console Regions Notes
R-Type 1987 SMS, GB, C64, TG16,
Amiga, MSX, X68000, CPC, ST
JP, US, EU Planning only
Image Fight 1990 NES, X68000, TG16, FMT JP, US (NES) Planning only
Aldynes: The Mission Code for Rage Crisis 1991 TG16 JP
Super Adventure Island 1992 SNES JP, US, EU
The 7th Saga 1993 SNES JP, US Mystic Ark
Super Bomberman 1993 SNES JP, US, EU
Super Bomberman 2 1994 SNES JP, US, EU
Brain Lord 1994 SNES JP, US Mystic Ark
Mystic Ark 1995 SNES JP Mystic Ark
Super Bomberman 4 1996 SNES JP
Kaijuu Senki 1996 PS1 JP
Dual Heroes 1997 N64 JP, US, EU
Paca Paca Passion 1998 Arcade JP
Paca Paca Passion 2 1999 Arcade JP
Paca Paca Passion Special 1999 Arcade JP
Googootrops 1999 PS1 JP
Mystic Ark: Maboroshi Gekijou 1999 PS1 JP Mystic Ark
Kaikan Phrase: Datenshi Kourin 2000 PS1 JP

Enix releases[edit]

Links between the RPGs by Produce & Enix

Produce & Enix made four games, that have many points in common:

  1. The 7th Saga (originally Elnard), is the first game made by Produce & Enix together, where the heroes' trainer is named Lemele (Remeer in Japanese); somehow it is a prequel to Brain Lord (no spoilers here).
  2. Brain Lord has a different gameplay from the other two games; anyway, it shares many plot elements with them, including the name of some characters;
  3. Mystic Ark is the third game made by Enix and Produce. It mutuated the turn-based combat system and the party system from Elnard, while it inherited the emphasis on puzzles from Brain Lord.
  4. The fourth game, Mystic Ark: Maboroshi Gekijou was made for PS1, but very little is known about it outside Japan. "Maboroshi Gekijo" means "Phantom Theatre".

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