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SemiCom's company logo.

SemiCom (세미콤, lit. Semikom) was an arcade video game developer founded in 1994 when the arcade development team of Cheil Computer (later known as First Amusement), led by Jeon Jae Yoon, split from the company and reformed; their first two games, Choky! Choky!, and Magic Ball Fighting, were released by Mijin Computer (as was their first game of 1995, Hatch Catch, which played similar to Data East's Magical Drop). However, their second title from that year, Cookie & Bibi (which was followed up by two sequels, Cookie & Bibi 2, and Cookie & Bibi 3, in 1996 and 1997, respectively), was released under their own name - as was their first unofficial Pac-Man game Hyper Pac-Man (which was followed up by two more, New Hyper Man and Twinkle, in 1997) and Wonder League Star: Sok-Magicball Fighting (which is their first sequel to "Magic Ball Fighting", and it was followed up by two more, Wonder League '96 in 1996, and Muhan Seungbu in 1997). The other three games they released in 1996 were Carket Ball, Toppy & Rappy and SD Fighters (which was followed up by a sequel, Cute Fighter, in 1998) and the only other game that they released in 1997 was XESS: The New Revolution (a compilation featuring "Cookie & Bibi", "Hyper Pac-Man", which had been renamed to Hyper Man and removed the final boss's last form, and "New Hyper Man", which was not actually released as a standalone game); after 1998 they switched to manufacturing gambling machines instead.

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