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Star Ocean
Publisher(s)Enix, Square Enix
Year introduced1996
Genre(s)Action RPG
N. Original title Localized title Year Systems
1 Star Ocean - 1996 Flag of Japan.svg SNES
Globe.svg SNES (fan translation)
Remake: PSP (First Departure)
2 Star Ocean: The Second Story - 1998 Globe.svg PS1
Remake: PSP, PS4, PSV, PS3 (Second Evolution)
2.5 Star Ocean: Blue Sphere - 2001 Flag of Japan.svg GBC, mobile phones
3 Star Ocean 3 Star Ocean: Till the End of Time 2003 Globe.svg PS2
4 Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope Star Ocean: The Last Hope 2009 Globe.svg Xbox, PS3
5 Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness 2016 Globe.svg PS4
Flag of Japan.svg PS3

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