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Star Trek
The logo for Star Trek.
Developer(s)14 Degrees East
Publisher(s)Interplay Entertainment
Year introduced1971


Year Title Platform
1982 Star Trek - Strategic Operations Simulator Arcade
2002 Star Trek: Voyager - The Arcade Game Arcade


The history of the Star Trek personal computer game franchise began as early as 1971, with a Star Trek text-only computer game written in BASIC. Many PC titles have since been published, and the franchise was one of the first based on a TV program to break into the young PC gamer market in the 1990s.

Interplay, Simon and Schuster, Microprose and Activision released most of the best-known Star Trek games between 2000 and 2003. Titles like Star Trek: Armada, Star Trek: Elite Force and Star Trek: Bridge Commander were all published during this period, as were over half of all the other major Star Trek PC games. The absence of new titles after 2003 was due in large measure to a split and subsequent lawsuit between Activision and Viacom which ended in 2004.

With the departure of Activision in 2003, the franchise under the tenure of Paramount effectively came to a close. Since the end of 2005, CBS has assumed most franchise management, including games and other products. Even with no new licensed titles released during 2003-2006, the older games like Armada and Elite Force still have an avid fan base which keeps the small community going. Development of the new Star Trek: Online title is currently underway, with release expected in 2009.

Bethesda Softworks was announced by the outgoing Director for Products and Merchandise for Viacom (Mr Harry Lamg) as the new publisher for Star Trek gaming on the console (handheld and stand alone) and PC markets. In December 2006 they released their first 3 Star Trek games in the space of 3 weeks. Star Trek: Legacy for the PC and Xbox 360, Star Trek: Tactical Assault for the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP, Star Trek: Encounters for the Sony PlayStation 2 and Star Trek: Conquest for the Wii and PlayStation 2, in late 2007. Bethesda had effectively done what Activision, Interplay, MicroProse, Simon & Schuster and Viacom had failed to do in the previous 15 years of Star Trek gaming history, they released a game for each platform.

Commercial games[edit]

Year Title Platform Developer/Publisher
1971 Star Trek multiple Mike Mayfield
1972 Star Trek (script game) PDP-10 Don Daglow
1979 Apple Trek Apple II
c. 1980 3-D Star Trek Atari 800 Color Software
1981 Tari Trek Atari 800 Quality Software
1981 Begin: A Tactical Starship Simulation MS-DOS
1983 Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator (ports) VIC20
1984 Star Trek: The Promethean Prophecy Apple II, C64, MS-DOS Simon and Schuster
1985 Star Trek: The Kobayashi Alternative Apple II, C64, MS-DOS Simon and Schuster
1988 Star Trek: First Contact MS-DOS
1989 Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Transinium Challenge MS-DOS
1989 Star Trek: The Rebel Universe C64, MS-DOS Simon and Schuster
1989 Star Trek V: The Final Frontier MS-DOS
1991 Begin 2 (game) MS-DOS
1992 Star Trek: 25th Anniversary MS-DOS, Macintosh, Amiga Interplay
1993 Star Trek: Judgment Rites MS-DOS, Macintosh Interplay
1995 Star Trek: The Next Generation - A Final Unity MS-DOS, Macintosh Spectrum HoloByte / MicroProse
1995 Star Trek: Klingon Windows Simon and Schuster
1996 Star Trek: Borg Windows, Macintosh Simon and Schuster
1996 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Harbinger MS-DOS, Macintosh Stormfront Studios / Viacom NewMedia
1997 Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Windows, Macintosh High Voltage Software / Interplay
1997 Star Trek Generations Windows Microprose
1997 Star Trek Pinball Windows
1998 Star Trek: The Next Generation: Klingon Honor Guard Windows, Macintosh Microprose
1998 Star Trek: The Game Show Windows, Macintosh
1998 Star Trek: Starship Creator Windows, Macintosh Imergy / Simon & Schuster
1999 Star Trek: Birth of the Federation Windows Microprose / Hasbro
1999 Star Trek: Starfleet Command Windows Quicksilver Software / Interplay Entertainment
1999 Star Trek: Hidden Evil Windows Presto Studios / Activision
2000 Star Trek: Armada Windows Mad Doc Software / Activision
2000 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Fallen Windows, Macintosh The Collective, Inc. / Simon & Schuster
2000 Star Trek: ConQuest Online Windows Genetic Anomalies / Activision
2000 Star Trek: Klingon Academy Windows, Macintosh 14 Degrees East / Interplay Entertainment
2000 Star Trek: New Worlds Windows 14 Degrees East / Interplay Entertainment
2000 Star Trek: Starship Creator Warp II Windows
2000 Star Trek: Voyager: Elite Force Windows, Macintosh Raven Software / Activision
2001 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Dominion Wars Windows Gizmo Games / Simon & Schuster
2001 Star Trek: Armada II Windows Mad Doc Software / Activision
2001 Star Trek: Away Team Windows Reflexive Entertainment / Activision
2001 Star Trek: Starfleet Command II: Empires at War Windows Taldren / Interplay Entertainment
2001 Star Trek: Starfleet Command: Orion Pirates Windows Taldren / Interplay Entertainment
2002 Star Trek: Starfleet Command III Windows Taldren / Activision
2002 Star Trek: Bridge Commander Windows Totally Games / Activision
2003 Star Trek: Elite Force II Windows, Macintosh Ritual Entertainment / Activision
2006 Star Trek: Legacy Windows Mad Doc Software / Bethesda Softworks
2010 Star Trek Online Windows Cryptic Studios


Year Title Platform
1979 Star Trek: Phaser Strike Microvision
1982 Star Trek: The Motion Picture Vectrex
1989 Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (cancelled) NES
1991 Star Trek: 25th Anniversary Game Boy, NES
1993 Star Trek: The Next Generation: Future's Past SNES
1993 Star Trek: The Next Generation Game Boy
1994 Star Trek: The Next Generation: Echoes from the Past Game Gear, Genesis
1994 Star Trek Generations: Beyond the Nexus Game Boy, Game Gear
1994 Star Trek: Starfleet Academy 32X, SNES, Sega Mega Drive, Windows
1994 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Crossroads of Time Genesis, SNES
2000 Star Trek: Invasion PlayStation
2000 Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force PS2, Windows, Macintosh
2004 Star Trek: Shattered Universe PS2, Xbox
2006 Star Trek: Tactical Assault PSP, DS
2006 Star Trek: Legacy Xbox 360, Windows
2006 Star Trek: Encounters PS2
2007 Star Trek: Conquest Wii, PS2