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System Shock
Developer(s)Looking Glass Studios, Irrational, OtherSide Entertainment
Publisher(s)Origin Systems, Electronic Arts
Year introduced[[1994]]

Game list[edit]

Title Year Genre Systems
System Shock 1994 Action-Adventure Globe.svg MS-DOS, MS-Win, Linux, Mac OS, OS X
System Shock 2 1999 Action-Adventure Globe.svg MS-Win, Linux, Mac OS
System Shock 3 TBA Action-Adventure TBA

Sequel and successors[edit]

In January 2006, Computer and Video Games magazine reported System Shock 3 was under development; as of January 2016, official news state that the game is still under development and that the author of the first title, Warren Spector, joined the team.

Deus Ex (2000) is a spiritual successor to System Shock: its gameplay is strongly reminiscent of this series, and it was developed by Warren Spector, too.

In 2007, the same team that developed System Shock 2, Irrational (now 2K Games), released another spiritual successor to the System Shock series, entitled BioShock, to critical acclaim and strong sales.


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