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The logo for TRON.
Developer(s)Bally Midway, Monolith Productions, Climax Group, Lavastorm Analytics
Publisher(s)Bally Midway, Buena Vista Games, MacPlay
Year introduced[[1982]]
Genre(s)Action, Shooter, First-person shooter

TRON is an American science fiction media franchise. It began in 1982 with the Walt Disney Pictures film TRON. It was followed by various film tie-ins, a comic series and the 2010 sequel TRON: Legacy. More sequels were planned but have now been suspended, and a television series premiered on Disney XD in June 2012.

TRON also existed as the TRON command in the early versions of the computer programming language BASIC. TRON stood for TRace ON, which prompted the program to print or display line numbers for each command line of a program as it ran, in order to assist in the debugging of the program. In the TRON film, TRON became a character who worked in programs to defeat evil elements trying to subvert the program.

Since video games play a central role in the film, many video games based on TRON have been produced over the years. Atari, Inc. had plans to develop a real Space Paranoids game, but this was canceled due to the video game crash of 1983, along with arcade adaptations of Superman III and The Last Starfighter. In 1982, Midway Games released the TRON arcade game, which consisted of four mini-games based on sequences in the film. This game earned more than the film's initial release. In 1983, Midway released Discs of TRON, a sequel that focused on disc combat.

A PC game sequel released for Windows and Macintosh was released on August 26, 2003. In this first person shooter game, the player takes the part of Alan Bradley's son Jet, who is pulled into the computer world to fight a computer virus. A separate version of this game, called TRON 2.0 Killer App, is available for the Xbox, and features new multiplayer modes. An almost completely different game of the same name is also available for the Game Boy Advance, where Tron and a Light Cycle program named Mercury (first seen in Tron 2.0 for the PC) fight their way through the ENCOM computer to stop a virus called The Corruptor. This game includes light cycle, battle tank, and recognizer battle modes, several security-related minigames, and the arcade games TRON and Discs of TRON. While the Game Boy Advance game is only minimally connected to the PC game, one of the 100 unlockable chips shows a picture of Jet Bradley.

Characters from the TRON universe are used in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. In Kingdom Hearts II, Space Paranoids, a world based on the video game from the original movie, features the characters Tron, Commander Sark, and the Master Control Program (MCP). In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, The Grid another world named after the system from TRON: Legacy, appears in the game, and features the characters Kevin Flynn, Sam, Quorra, CLU, Rinzler, and the Black Guards.

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