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The logo for Tales.
Developer(s)Namco Bandai
Publisher(s)Namco Bandai
Year introduced1995

The Tales series is a franchise of fantasy role-playing games published by Namco Bandai and primarily developed by Namco Tales Studio (now merged with Bandai Namco Games). There are currently fifteen games in the main series, officially called Mothership titles. Additionally, the series has a number of spin-offs, which are officially called Escort titles.

Mothership titles[edit]

N. Title Year Genre Systems
1 Tales of Phantasia 1995 Flag of Japan.svg SNES, PS1, PSP, mobile phones
Globe.svg GBA
2 Tales of Destiny 1997 Globe.svg PS1
Flag of Japan.svg PS2
3 Tales of Eternia
(US) Tales of Destiny II
2000 Globe.svg PS1, PSP
4 Tales of Destiny 2 2002 Flag of Japan.svg Flag of South Korea.svg PS2, PSP
5 Tales of Symphonia 2003 Globe.svg NGC, MS-Win, PS3
Flag of Japan.svg PS2
6 Tales of Rebirth 2004 Flag of Japan.svg PS2, PSP
7 Tales of Legendia 2005 Globe.svg PS2
8 Tales of the Abyss 2005 Globe.svg PS2, 3DS
9 Tales of Innocence 2007 Flag of Japan.svg NDS, PSV
10 Tales of Vesperia 2008 Globe.svg X360
Flag of Japan.svg PS3
11 Tales of Hearts 2008 Flag of Japan.svg NDS
Globe.svg PSV
12 Tales of Graces 2009 Flag of Japan.svg Wii
Globe.svg PS3
13 Tales of Xillia 2011 Globe.svg PS3
14 Tales of Xillia 2 2012 Globe.svg PS3
15 Tales of Zestiria 2015 Globe.svg PS3, PS4, MS-Win
16 Tales of Berseria 2016 Flag of Japan.svg PS3
Globe.svg PS4, MS-Win

Escort titles[edit]