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Tandy 1000
The console image for Tandy 1000.
ManufacturerTandy Corporation
Total Gamesunknown (1 present)
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The Tandy 1000 was the first in a line of more-or-less IBM PC compatible home computer systems produced by the Tandy Corporation for sale in its Radio Shack chain of stores.

The Tandy 1000 was followed by a series of models which appended two or three letters to the name, after a space, (e.g. Tandy 1000 EX, Tandy 1000 SX, Tandy 1000 TX, Tandy 1000 RL, Tandy 1000 RLX). In a few instances, a slash and a number or additional letters were appended to these letters (e.g. Tandy 1000 TL/2, Tandy 1000 RL/HD.)

The machine was geared toward home use and a modest budget, and it copied the IBM PCjr's 16-color graphics (PCjr's graphics were an extension of CGA video) and 3-voice sound, but didn't use the PCjr cartridge ports. As the Tandy 1000 line outlasted the PCjr by many years, these graphics and sound standards became known as "Tandy-compatible" or (for the graphics) "TGA" (standing for Tandy Graphics Adapter) and many software packages of the era listed their support for Tandy standard hardware on the package.

Eventually (in the early 1990s,) Tandy Corporation sold its computer manufacturing business to AST Computers, and all Tandy computer lines were terminated. When that occurred, Radio Shack stores began selling computers made by other manufacturers, such as Compaq.

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