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The logo for Tekken.
Publisher(s)Namco, Namco Bandai
Year introduced1994

Tekken (鉄拳?) is a series of one-on-one fighting games that were released by Namco between December 9, 1994 and March 18, 2015; the original was the first game to run on that company's then-new System 11 hardware (and featured eight fighters, Kazuya, Paul, King, Nina, Jack, Law, Michelle and Yoshimitsu, each of whom had to face off against their own unique miniboss after defeating all seven of the others before a final battle with tournament host Heihachi Mishima). Its first sequel, Tekken 2 (1995), featured three new fighters (but selectability for Baek and Jun depended on what the arcade owner had set the "NEW CHARACTER" setting in its options menu to, though Lei was always selectable) - and its second sequel, Tekken 3 (1996), ran on Namco System 12 hardware and featured two more new fighters (Xiaoyu and Eddy). The fourth title for the series, Tekken Tag Tournament (1999), allowed the players to choose a team of two fighters from a possible twenty in a "Tag Team Tournament"; after defeating six teams, they had to face off against their own unique minibosses before a final battle with the mysterious Unknown. This game later became part of a sub-series when Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was released twelve years after its initial release (in 2011) - and the fifth title in the series, Tekken 4 (2001), ran on Namco's PlayStation-based System 246 hardware and featured nineteen fighters (only ten of these would be selectable when its NVRAM was initialised, but as time passed, more of them would be unlocked until all nineteen were selectable). The sixth title in the series, Tekken 5 (2004), later got an update on the PlayStation Portable, named Dark Resurrection, in 2005; the seventh one, Tekken 6 (2007), also got the same treatment with an update named Bloodline Rebellion in 2009. The eighth title in the series, Tekken Revolution (2013), was released exclusively on the PlayStation 3 - and the ninth and latest one, Tekken 7 (2015), was the first to make use of the Unreal Engine. The home conversions of Tekken 3 and 4 also added a new "Force Mode", which was similar to Namco's earlier beat 'em up games of the mid-to-late-1980s, and featured fried chickens as energy pickups; however, it was replaced by "Devil Within" in Tekken 5, and "Scenario Campaign" in Tekken 6. The series has also gained several spin-offs: Tekken Card Challenge for the WonderSwan (1999), Tekken Advance for the Game Boy Advance (2001), Death by Degrees for the PlayStation 2 (which was originally going to get entitled as Nina, 2005), Tekken 3D Prime Edition for the Nintendo 3DS (2012), Capcom's Street Fighter X Tekken (also 2012), & Nintendo's Pokkén Tournament (also 2015), but Tekken X Street Fighter, which was announced at the same time as "Street Fighter X Tekken", is no longer in active development as of April 2016.