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Releases of the game with the simple title Tetris
  • Tetris (Mirrorsoft): Published in Europe in 1988. Among the first commercially distributed releases of Tetris.
  • Tetris (Spectrum Holobyte): Published in the United States in 1988 by the American sister company of Mirrorsoft. Among the first commercially distributed releases of Tetris.
  • Tetris (BPS): Published in Japan in 1988 for multiple home computers and the Famicom. Development lead by Henk Rogers.
  • Tetris (Sega): Released in Japan in 1988. This version was converted for play on the Mega Drive, but Sega cancelled its release.
  • Tetris (Atari): The American arcade game which Atari used as a template for its Tengen releases on the NES.
  • Tetris (Tengen): The unlicensed NES game which was released before Nintendo's official release. Served as the basis for Vs. Tetris in arcades.
  • Tetris (NES): The licensed NES game produced by Nintendo.
  • Tetris (Game Boy): The pack-in cartridge that helped propel Nintendo's first handheld system to popularity.

After the Game Boy version, many Tetris titles begin to vary in order to differentiate themselves. However, a few more instances of game being released under the original title appear: