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Twisted Metal
The logo for Twisted Metal.
Developer(s)SingleTrac, 989 Studios, Incognito Entertainment, Eat Sleep Play
Publisher(s)Sony Computer Entertainment
Year introduced1995
Genre(s)Action, Racing

Twisted Metal is a series of vehicular combat video games published by Sony Computer Entertainment, and developed by various companies during its tenure. The series began on the PlayStation in 1995 and currently features seven games, with an eighth installment currently in production. It is the 147th best-selling video game franchise, selling over five million copies in North America alone.

It is the longest-running PlayStation-exclusive franchise. Seven games of the series (including Twisted Metal: Black Online) were re-released as part of the Sony Greatest Hits program.


In concept, Twisted Metal is a demolition derby that permits the usage of ballistic projectiles, machine guns, mines, and other types of weapons (up to and including satellite-based weapons and nuclear weapons). Players choose a vehicle and an arena—or a series of arenas in the story mode—to engage in battle with opposing drivers. A variety of weapons and upgrades are obtainable by pick-ups scattered throughout the stage. The last driver alive is the winner.

Although each individual game features its own storyline, they all revolve around the same basic theme: A vehicular combat tournament called Twisted Metal is presented with the promise of granting the contest's winner any single wish they so desire. In almost all of the games, the Host is a man called 'Calypso;' however, in the series' fourth installment, perennial contestant Sweet Tooth briefly takes over.

The Hosts of these games are the persons who, through arcane means, are capable of warping reality itself to grant the wish of the Contest Winner; however, there is a general "be careful what you wish for" theme in the game series, as nearly all of the winning contestants end up with 'not-so-happy' endings, due to the skill and proclivity of the Hosts for twisting the words of their wish around -often to deadly effect. The games in the series usually contain a healthy dose of black humor.


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