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Universal's company logo.
Parent companyAruze Corp.

Universal Co. was established in December 1969 as Universal Lease, but subsequently changed its name in 1971. In 1993, Universal was absorbed by Universal Sales Co., which was in turn merged into Azure Corp. in 1998.

Universal's greatest hit game was Mr. Do! in 1982, which spawned four sequels. Lady Bug was also a successful game, as well as the arcade adaption of Space Panic. Cashing-in on the success of laserdisc video games, Universal released Super Don Quix-ote in 1984, on a new standardized laserdisc video game system they called the Universal System 1. A new game was planned every six months for the Universal System 1, including a laserdisc adventure game based on Mr. Do!, but the company stopped producing arcade games in 1985, and Super Don Quix-ote ended up being the only game released for the system.

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