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Founded September 9, 2004
Located Viet Nam
Website Official site
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VinaGame, one of Vietnam's most well known gaming companies, was founded in September 2004. In the same month were VinaGame's first business trips to Korea and China. In November 2004, VinaGame had signed a license deal with Kingsoft for the game Swordsman online and this was the first online game to ever be released in Vietnam.In September 2005, the game was commercialized. By April 2006, VinaGame had signed the licence for Swordsman Online 2, and the game was released one year later, in October 2007.

Besides Swordsman Online, VinaGame had released many different games, such as Nine Dragons (July 2006), First Myth (December 2006), Sudden Attack (March 2008), Zhengtu online (September 2008), Maple Story (June 2009),etc. With the release of Thuận Thiên Kiếm in mid-August 2009, Vinagame has become the first gaming company in Vietnam to fully develop a MMORPG.

In March 2007, Vinagame released Bomb 'n' Bubbles or Crazy Arcade(in Vietnam the game is called Boom Online), and it became the top online game of the year.

Other than gaming, Vinagame also has other services, such as CSM (Cyber station manager), 123mua! (an online supermarket) and Zing portal, comprising many different conveniences.

VinaGame is partners with many companies: KingSoft, VDC, Intel, IDG Ventures Vietnam, Indy21, Gravity, Nexon, CJ Internet and GameHi. Besides gaming, VinaGame develops media and communications.

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