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Vivendi Universal

Often shortened to just Vivendi, the company began in 1853 as a water provider for Lyon. Since then it has had its highs and lows and has specialised in waste management, energy, transport services, and construction and property. It expanded rapidly in the 1990s but lost a lot of its money and stakes in other companies.

In 2000 there became a new division called Vivendi Universal Entertainment after selling off its water and waste management business. It then relocated its headquarters to Paris and finally dropped the "Universal" of its name in 2006. Currently it owns assets in large music companies, film companies and electronics companies.

Vivendi Games, whom Vivedi own 99% of, deals with there gaming division. It owns franchises such as World Of Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft and recently acquired the rights for Crash Bandicoot. In 2006 Vivendi created a new mobile division called Vivendi Games Mobile and other studios it owns include Blizzard Entertainment and Sierra Entertainment.


There is a chain of companies/divisions that Vivendi owns. As it is an electronics company, only gaming companies have been included on this diagram.

Vivendi (Universal/SA)
Vivendi (Universal) Games
Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard North
Sierra Entertainment
High Moon Studios
Massive Entertainment
Radical Entertainment
Swordfish Studios
Sierra Online
Vivendi Games Mobile