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Xbox Live Arcade
The logo for Xbox Live Arcade.

The Xbox Live Arcade service was developed by Microsoft for Xbox 360 users. Players can purchase games for a small price using Microsoft Points. The service was launched on November 22, 2005, with 10 games available to buy. Included in them is Hexic HD which was pre-installed with all Xbox 360 hard drives.


There have been a mix of games from big-name developers like Namco, Konami and Midway Games, but the service has also provided a gateway for smaller developers to develop games on a smaller scale. The games retail at between 400 and 1600 points each. Many more games will be joining the Arcade in future years.


On the March 10, 2006, Microsoft announced that there had been 3 million downloads from the Xbox Live Arcade. The best selling game was UNO, closely followed by Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, Gauntlet and Smash TV. Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighter is the fastest-selling Xbox Live Arcade game to date.


In July, 2006, Microsoft announced that there will be a new Xbox Live Arcade game released every Wednesday, and games will now only be released on a Wednesday, not on any other day of the week.

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