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Modified tone[edit]

Interacting with users and the tone we use has become a concern of late, so this is an area to work the message templates and hopefully come up with something palatable. I've done a first round of modifications, so please help fix these up to be as welcoming and non-confrontational as possible while still getting the necessary information across. I also thought it would be best to only have one instance of a particular template, after which a personal message tailored to the situation could be used for any further instances, so let me know what you think about that as well. — najzereT 21:56, 3 November 2009 (UTC)

All templates have been reworded according to my rewrites, but feel free to still use this page for further modifications or discussion. Many templates have also been renamed to sound less aggressive – usually by removing "warning" from the title. I didn't change {{welcome}}, as the modifications here weren't for tone. — najzereT 00:07, 16 December 2009 (UTC)

{{copyright notice}}[edit]

==Copyright notice==
The recent contribution to [[:{{{1}}}]] may be a copyright violation{{#if:{{{2|{{{src|}}}}}}| of {{{2|{{{src|}}}}}}}}. StrategyWiki cannot accept copyrighted content, as all contributions must be available under the terms of our [ Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License]. Please respond here or on the page's talk page with the permission of the author. Acceptable contributions are ones which have been released under a compatible license, and of course you are welcome to research and write your own version of the guide and contribute the content in your own words. Our [[StrategyWiki:Guide/Copyrights|copyright policy]] has more information. Thanks for your understanding, — ~~<noinclude></noinclude>~~


==Easier editing==
The Show preview button (right next to the Save page button) lets you see how your changes will look before saving the page. You can use Show preview as many times as you like until you get the page how you want it. You can also edit the whole page at one time, as opposed to by section, by clicking the Edit tab at the top of the page. Hopefully these little shortcuts will make it easier for you to get the desired result when you're editing, and save you a little time. Thanks for working on the wiki! — ~~<includeonly></includeonly>~~


==Neutral point of view==
Guides are open for anyone to edit, and to accomodate multiple authors we've decided to use a neutral point of view, meaning content should be written in the third person, with no opinions and a somewhat professional tone. Please keep this in mind as you're editing, and try to avoid words like "I" or "we", or use of slang or non-factual information. Thanks for helping us keep our guide pages polished! — <includeonly>~~</includeonly>~~<noinclude>~~

{{edit summary}}[edit]

==Edit summaries==
Edit summaries help other users see what your intentions were when you change a page. Every edit to the wiki is patrolled, and the [[SW:ADMIN|administrators]] are responsible for catching and fixing vandalism. Please include a short summary of the changes you make so that your much-valued contributions aren't reverted in error. Thanks for your help! — <includeonly>~~</includeonly>~~<noinclude>~~

{{image cats}}[edit]

==Image categorisation==
When uploading images, please make sure to categorise them using the correct [[:Category:Images|image categories]] and the guide-specific category, i.e. '''<nowiki>[[</nowiki>Category:{{{1|''Game Name''}}} images]]'''. Please see [[StrategyWiki:Guide/Image naming|our image policy]] for more details. Thanks for helping to keep our images neat! — <includeonly>~~</includeonly>~~<noinclude>~~

{{image general}}[edit]

==Image uploads==
Please see our policy on [[StrategyWiki:Guide/Image naming|image naming and categorization]]. For consistency and ease of use throughout the wiki, image names should contain the name of the game or its abbreviation and a one or two word description. All images also need the [[:Category:Images|appropriate categories]] added, as well as the guide-specific image category (e.g. '''<nowiki>[[Category:</nowiki>{{{1|''Game Name''}}} images]]'''). Thanks for helping to keep our images neat! — <includeonly>~~</includeonly>~~<noinclude>~~

{{image naming}}[edit]

==Image naming==
Please see our policy on [[StrategyWiki:Guide/Image naming|image naming]]. For consistency and ease of use throughout the wiki, image names should contain the name of the game or its abbreviation and a one or two word description. Thanks for helping to keep our images neat! — <includeonly>~~</includeonly>~~<noinclude>~~

{{preload buttons}}[edit]

==Preload buttons==
[[Image:StrategyWiki Template Page Buttons.jpg|thumb|The preload buttons.]]
In order to keep pages on the wiki neat and uniform, we employ certain formatting and templates to help us accomplish this. When creating a new page, please use one of the preload buttons located above the edit text box, which will insert the needed templates and formatting for you. Thanks for keeping the wiki organized! — <includeonly>~~</includeonly>~~<noinclude>~~


==Get a free account==
Hello, thank you for editing StrategyWiki! We'd love to see you become a part of our growing family by <span class="plainlinks">[ signing up]</span>. It's very quick, doesn't require an e-mail address, and when editing, you'll be identified by the user name you choose instead of your IP address. Hope to see you soon! — <includeonly>~~</includeonly>~~<noinclude>~~

{{removing content}}[edit]

==Removing content from pages==
Hello, we've recently put back the information you removed from [[:{{{1}}}]]. We're very careful that editors' hard work isn't lost on the wiki, so we routinely revert content removal ''just in case''. If your edit was correct, please let me know here or on the page's talk page, so we can fix it. So that this doesn't happen again, please consider putting a short explanation in the edit summary. Thanks for understanding! — <includeonly>~~</includeonly>~~<noinclude>~~


==Signing guide pages==
While signing your posts on talk pages is good etiquette, please do not sign your contributions to pages other than discussion pages. These guides are a shared work based on the contributions of many people and everyone's contributions are noted in the pages' edit histories. Thanks for helping us keep guide pages clean! — ~~<noinclude></noinclude>~~<noinclude>


==Guide sub-pages==
Thank you for adding a page to StrategyWiki! In order to keep the large amount of pages straight, we try to make sure each page is found under its proper guide. This way, every guide can have a common page like "Items", as long as it's found at "''Guide Name''/Items". If you created a page by clicking a red link, feel free to edit the page containing the link and fix it to point to the right place. Thanks for your help! — <includeonly>~~</includeonly>~~<noinclude>~~


Your test edit on [[:{{{1}}}]] worked and has been {{subst:<noinclude></noinclude>#ifexist:{{{1}}}|reverted|deleted}}. If you wish to test out the system and wiki markup, please use the [[StrategyWiki:Sandbox|sandbox]] instead. Thanks for understanding! — <includeonly>~~</includeonly>~~<noinclude>~~

{{upload images}}[edit]

==Image uploading==
Uploading images to the wiki guarantees that they will always be available to viewers and allows us to retain ownership information, align the image with wiki formatting, and more. For these reasons, we would much prefer the external images you've added be [[Special:Upload|uploaded]] instead of hotlinked. Our [[StrategyWiki:Guide/Image naming|image naming and categorization policy]] should give you all the information you need. Thanks for understanding! — <includeonly>~~</includeonly>~~<noinclude>~~

{{vandalism warning}}[edit]

Your recent edit to [[:{{{1}}}]] appears to be vandalism and has been reverted or removed. Please try to contribute to StrategyWiki more constructively in the future. If this message is in error, please let us know here or on the page's talk page. Thanks, — <includeonly>~~</includeonly>~~<noinclude>~~


==Welcome to StrategyWiki!==
Hello '''{{<noinclude></noinclude>subst:PAGENAME}}''', welcome to the wiki! Thank you for [[Special:Contributions/{{<noinclude></noinclude>subst:PAGENAME}}|your contributions]]. If you have any questions, just contact [[StrategyWiki:Administrators|an adminstrator]] through their talk page or post on [[StrategyWiki:Staff lounge|the staff lounge]], and they'd be happy to help. If you need help editing, check the [[StrategyWiki:Guide|StrategyWiki Guide]]. If you have a question about the content on this wiki, see our [[StrategyWiki:Guide/Scope|scope policy]]. If you want to ask questions or chat with other users, visit the [[StrategyWiki:Guide/IRC|IRC]] channel on our [[Special:WebChat|chat client page]]. If you have ideas for StrategyWiki as a whole, feel free to bring them up on [ the forums].

Please remember to sign your name when leaving comments on talk pages by clicking [[Image:Wikisigbutton.png]] or using four tildes ('''<nowiki>~~~~</nowiki>'''); this will automatically produce your name and the date. When making an edit, you can use the preview button below the editing box to verify your change before it is saved. Finally, please fill in the edit summary field to document all of your hard work. Happy editing! — ~~<noinclude></noinclude>~~<noinclude>