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Spoiler warning! This section of the article contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

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The main character in the game. Quote came to the island to defeat the doctor and destroy the Demon Crown. However, he was defeated and lost his memory. Waking up in a remote cave, his job is to now remember who he is and complete his mission. Professor Booster shows some recognition for him and states that he is a scout robot, presumably sent to the island during or post-war.

Fun fact: In different hollidays, Quotes colors change, like for example his clothes and hat are black, and his eyes are red. Although it's not forever!

Curly Brace[edit]

Curly Brace

A robot who came to the island with Quote during the Demon Crown War. Her original mission was to destroy the crown, but she also appears to be suffering from a bout of amnesia. She resided in the Sand Zone, protecting a troop of mimigas until Quote found her again. Now her memories are flooding back to her.

Sue Sakamoto[edit]

Sue Sakamoto

A mimiga, but not. Sue originally came to the island with her brother Kazuma and her mother Momorin. She caught wind of the crown, and wanted to stop the doctor. However, Misery found her first and turned her into the mimiga she is now. She hopes one day that she can return to her natural form.

Kazuma Sakamoto[edit]

Kazuma Sakamoto

The brother of Sue and the son of Momorin, Kazuma headed the expedition to the mysterious island. He is very good at handling and flying sky dragons.

Momorin Sakamoto[edit]

Momorin Sakamoto

The mother of Sue and Kazuma. Nothing is known about her husband. When all havoc broke loose and the doctor took over the island, she fled to the plantation, where she stays in a safe house. You can meet her, but you need to know the password. Her expertise is in the field of rocket construction.

Professor Booster[edit]

Professor Booster

Assumed to be a relative of the Sakamoto family, although it is never fully explained how. Professor Booster came to the island as part of the research team but got lost during the confusion. However he stumbles upon you and Kazuma as you are leaving Grasstown. If his name was not enough of a hint, Professor Booster builds and maintains jetpack-esque devices. If the player completes the story the easy way, Booster dies. However, if they visit Arthur's house before going to the throne of the Doctor, it appears that he survived by using the labyrinth's teleporter.



The lovable but easily frightened Itoh came to the island with the research group as Momorin's assistant. However, after suffering the same fate as Sue, he ran off and went into hiding near the plantation.



The leader of the Mimiga Village, he stepped in after Arthur was killed. He may seem cold and angry all the time, but he will readily sacrifice everything for his friends. He dies in an attempt to save Toroko after she has been fed a demon flower. He gives the player the Blade, asking Quote to avenge him before he dies.


A small female Mimiga who lived in the Mimiga Village before getting kidnapped by the doctor's henchmen, thinking she was Sue. She was Arthur's sister before he died, and that may be why King tries to protect her so much.



A witch and the mother of Misery. Although she may appear frail, she was once the most powerful being on the island. Jenka is almost as old as the island itself and she knows many of the dark secrets it contains...


The Doctor[edit]

The Doctor

The doctor originally came with Kazuma's research group. He knew that the Demon Crown was located somewhere on the island and that it held unlimited power. Snatching it, he descended the island into vast chaos and scattered the research team along with Quote and Curly. His master plan is to now use the red flowers and mimigas to attack and take over the world. Misery and Balrog are his minions, cursed by the Demon Crown to do his bidding.



Faithful minion to the Doctor due to his and Misery's curse, Balrog has the least power of the three. Nothing is known about him or his odd shape. While he may work for the Doctor, he really has a fair and kind heart and ends up residing with Quote and Curly in an unknown place after he saves them from Ballos' collapsing home.



Misery is the daughter of Jenka and also a very powerful witch. She tricked Ballos into creating the crown, but he secretly enchanted the crown to make it so that the one who possesses the crown had mastery over her and Balrog, whether they agree with it or not. She can only be freed from her duty if Ballos is destroyed.



The true evil behind the island. Ballos is Jenka's brother, misery's uncle and quite possibly the most powerful sorcerer in the world. He used to reside in a kingdom, where he was loved by all the people. However, the king became jealous of him, arrested him and tortured him until Ballos' powers went wild. In the blink of an eye, he destroyed the entire kingdom and everything he loved. Jenka, the only person powerful enough to stop him, sealed him in the island for eternity. His only wish is for someone to kill him.