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Cave Story uses very simple controls that are easy to figure out. There are three basic sets of controls for the game.


These controls are used while exploring the game's areas. To note, W will only work once you have gotten the Map System item. Additionally,  ↓  is also the button you use to enter doors and initiate conversations. K also works.

An example of when the action controls will be used.
  •  : Move
  •  ↑  : Look up
  •  ↓  : Search (Or look down while jumping)
  • K : Search
  • ZEnter : Jump
  • X : Fire weapon
  • S : Next weapon
  • A : Previous weapon
  • Q : Item screen
  • W : Map


These controls are only used when you are talking to characters or making yes/no choices during the game.

  •  : Select Yes/No
  • X/Z : Continue conversation

Item Screen[edit]

These controls are used once you open up the item screen via Q while you are using the action controls.

  •  ↑  ↓  : Select item
  • Z : Examine/Use
  • X : Leave screen