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The last cave connects the plantation with the balcony. There are two versions: the hidden version, which you go to if you have the Booster 2.0, and the normal version which you reach if you do not.

The Normal Last Cave[edit]

The normal Last Cave is fairly straightforward. Avoid the drips from the ceiling and shoot the critters that you pass. Avoid the spikes and red liquid (lava?).

When you get to the long hallway with Presses(eyeball blocks that fall from the ceiling), the best approach is when you have the level 3 machine gun, and run to the end firing all the way. Take the door to the Balcony.


You're now on top of the island. There are enraged Mimigas scattered around. The first two you meet only have 45 health. After passing by a destroyed transport helicopter you'll reach the Prefab Building. Inside is a save point, a bed to rest on, and a book case with a note about the Booster,

"Exploration of the island's interior would be more effectively accomplished, I suspect, had we equipment to facilitate aerial movement. Thus, I have duly begun development upon the "Booster". Development of this flying apparatus will take place in two stages, versions 0.8 and 2.0. My plans call for v0.8 to be equippable and to allow for a certain amount of hovering. I'm sure I can complete v2.0, provided I only live long enough. It promises to be an even more useful item."

To the right of the Prefab building is another regular enraged Mimiga, accompanied by the Mimiga boss you fought early in the game. This one has about 300 health, charges you, and can spit out tons of large projectiles. When it fires, simply fly over the top of it.

To the right is the exit to the Throne Room. If you decide to explore upwards, you will find a large area with missile ammo, hearts, and eight Energy Boxes laid out in the shape of an "X". If you continue to the top where the clouds are, you'll find a sign that says, "That's all, folks!".

Throne Room[edit]

If you have the Spur, make sure its charged to level 3 when you are walking across this room. Head to the center of the room and you'll notice Misery sitting on top of the backrest of a throne. As you approach, she greets you and assumes that you're here to defeat the core. She states that she does not care for the island, but only serves the one who wears the crown. The conversation ends, and battle begins.


Right after the battle starts and Misery rises up into the air, run underneath her and release a charged blast from the Spur (this deals 88 damage; roughly 1/6th of her health) or a barrage of rockets. She will either teleport immediately, or attack.

Misery teleports, hovers at a certain location while attacking, then teleports. She repeats this general pattern for the duration of the fight. Luckily, she only appears within the middle portion of the map, so you don't have to run to the extreme sides. However, she has a few attacks that can span the entire width of the area:

  1. Misery fires five black orbs at your current position. Simply move to avoid being hit. These deal 6 damage.
  2. Black orbs float horizontally in a wave motion. If you pass underneath them, they will transform and slam into the ground. They deal 10 damage so keep moving to avoid them.
  3. A stone, like one from the ceiling, is teleported above your position and then dropped. Move horizontally to avoid being crushed for 10 damage.
  4. Black, donut-like orbs surround Misery and slowly rotate. At 66% health she summons two. At 33% she summons four. If you touch the orbs, you will take 2 damage.
  5. After teleporting, the black donut-like orbs surrounding Misery will transform into orange bats and slowly fly towards your position. These drop power-ups when destroyed.
Post Misery

After defeating Misery, five blocks will appear on the left side of the screen and a hole in the ceiling will be revealed. The path back to the Prefab Building is blocked, so if you die in the following area, you will have to face Misery again. Enter here to reach The King's Table.

The King's Table[edit]

As you enter you'll notice barred cages littered around the room with Mimigas inside. You can talk to two of them before you reach the center of the room.

In the center is a table where the Doctor is working. As you approach, he will laugh and say something is complete. He then explains why the red flowers affect the Mimigas, stating that it unleashes one's latent powers, as well as destroys their ability to reason. He then reveals that he is able to extract the chemical necessary to induce this transformation, and shows off a giant Red Crystal made of the substance. The Doctor asks if you understand or not, assumes you don't, then tells you he is going to give you a special lecture... he turns red, the Red Crystal begins to spin around him, and battle begins.

The Doctor

If you die here, you will have to face Misery again.

The Doctor's initial attack is a double helix of red energy. It slowly spins around itself in a horizontal line towards you while the projectiles continue to move farther and farther apart. The easiest way to dodge it is to begin flying immediately. This attack deals 5 damage.

After that, he begins a simple pattern until 33% health: after each horizontal attack, he will disappear. The Red Crystal will fly diagonally upwards and he will reappear at the highest point that it reaches. When he is on the ground again, he will attack.

At 33% health the Doctor will teleport up to the Red Crystal and unleash many red projectiles in a circle. Run away from him, then when they start moving across the screen you'll have to watch for a safe opening. Luckily they move slowly. If you have the Spur, this fight will be over more quickly than your face off with Misery.

When you defeat him, he will announce that he can't control the power. He will then transform into a much stronger and grotesque version of himself.

Enraged Doctor

He will start by leaping towards you. Run in either direction to avoid the attack. He can still teleport, and will do so many times. If you're on the same platform as he is when he reappears, he will become invincible, flash red, and charge you with his elbow (this deals 10 damage).

At 33% health he will stop and breath out a horde of red bats that will bounce around the room for the rest of the fight. You need to destroy these when you're not near the Doctor, as they are very difficult to avoid.

When you defeat him, he will melt into the red substance and the Red Crystal will fly off through the ceiling. Once again, three blocks will appear on the left side of the screen and a hole in the ceiling will appear. Follow it to reach Black Space.

Black Space[edit]

When you reach Black Space you'll be surprised to see the mini limbs of the core frozen in the background. If you run to the other side of the screen, a voice will stop you in your tracks.

Misery appears and teleports Sue in beside her. She then warns you Sue might die if the Core dies. You hop backwards a short distance, and Misery is surprised that a robot can care for another being, is different than all the others, and was able to defeat the king. She tries to make you a deal: die with Sue and the island, or leave and forget you ever came. If you leave, she will spare Sue.

Before you can answer, another voice interrupts you both. A mass of red orbs swirls at the back of the room, and the voice asks Misery if she has forgotten the voice of her master. Misery attacks the orbs, but they swarm around her and transform her. Sue tries to run away, but the Red Crystal flies near her and transforms her as well. The front of the core opens and a red skull-like face peers out. It then yells "You're not leaving this place alive!!" and the fight begins.

Undead Core

This fight has a lot of stuff going on in the screen at once. The Undead Core will float back and forth across the room. Transformed Sue will perform flips across the bottom portion of the room, while Transformed Misery floats back and forth sending orange bats, explosions, and orange critters after you. Although Sue and Misery don't have health bars, it's possible to defeat them. At the start of the fight you'll have enough time to take down Sue pretty far, but if you don't have the Spur, defeating her may take too much effort.

After its defeat, you'll see Momorin and Itoh by the transport helicopter, which has now been repaired and refueled. The pair feels an earthquake, and blocks start raining down around them. Sue and you regain consciousness and begin running, knowing that the island is going to start crumbling. Control is given back to you, and you have full health.

Run to the left and drop down to The Throne Room, then out to The Balcony. Sue suggests that you run as hard as you can. To avoid being crushed by the falling blocks. Both sizes of blocks deal 10 damage. When you reach the far left of the stage, continue up the platforms and touch the statue. Sue says there's nowhere left to run, so you'll have to jump for it. You'll be given control, and all you have to do now is run and jump to the edge of the screen (use the Booster so you don't fall straight down).

Congratulations, you've completed the game and earned the second ending.

The Hidden Last Cave[edit]

The Hidden Last Cave requires precise navigation with the Booster 2.0. Many places can be bypassed with a normal jump instead of a Booster jump, which is easier to control because it doesn't jerk. There is also a boss near the end of the cave which was not present in the normal Last Cave.

When you enter, all of your weapons will be dropped to level 1.

Kill the two Critters (one is hidden in the red liquid) and avoid the drip from the ceiling. Walk off over the water, boosting right as soon as you are in midair. Kill the two critters. Walk off the ledge and boost across the small pit. Boost across the long pit the same way. Walk right a bit to aggravate the hidden critters and kill them while holding off the other two, which should be to your left. Walk-off boost to the right. Kill any of the four Critters you can reach. Jump so you hit the ceiling then boost right, through the spikes. Hide under the ledge if there are any Critters left, luring them one by one to kill them. Walk off the ledge then boost right. Kill the exposed critter and the three hidden ones and power up any weapons with the experience capsule if you want. Walk off the ledge and boost right, ignoring the weapon crystal capsule above.

Boost upward between the spikes then boost right slightly to land on the small platform. Jump onto the ledge on the far right and then jump onto the ledge to the left. From here, you have two choices:

  • Jump, then boost up and boost left onto the ledge
  • Walk off and boost toward the hearts, then jump right, boost up and boost left onto the ledge.

Jump between the spikes and tap-boost down then kill the Critter. Take some weapon crystals if you wish. (be careful of the spikes right by it) Short hop then boost left and land on the ledge. (You will need to pull back a little) Walk off the ledge and boost left. Do this for the next two pits, then kill the Critter. Boost up then left between the spikes, pulling back to land on the ledge below. Walk off then boost left. If you wish to get the hearts, boost up through them, trying to save as much gas as possible, then boost left after you've fallen past the spikes. Just boost left at the first opportunity if you wish to skip them. (which is usually a better idea because of the precision required to get the hearts without hitting any spikes or the red liquid.)

Jump left into the depression in the wall then right over to the ledge. Jump and boost right, between the spikes, then tap boost up and then right, between the spikes, while falling. Stand on the lone block next to the spike bed. Walk off and boost right, then boost up then boost right. (this may take some practice) Collect the Heart then tap-boost down, then boost right into the opening. Walk off over the spikes, then boost up, then left. Jump over the spikes then up onto the ledge. Jump between the spikes onto the platform below. Do a short-hop and boost through the spikes. Jump and boost up then right. Jump between the spikes and carefully boost through the spikes, conserving fuel, then boost up past the third set of spikes then left, toward the weapon crystal capsule. Power up any weapons if you wish. Stand next to the spikes. Short hop, then boost right between the spikes and land on the platform. Kill the Critters. Boost up and kill the Critter. Get onto the ledge that the Critter was on by splitting the boost into two or three smaller boosts.

Mini Boss[edit]

The boss will jump, throw three blades at you then land, pause, and throw three more blades. Dodge his shots with the Booster and then hit him with your best shot. You may open the chest if you like, but the item does nothing.

Home Stretch[edit]

Kill all the Critters in this room using a method appropriate to your weapon. Kill the three Critters if they are in range from the ledge. (Otherwise, take them down as you go) Run left and stop at the two block wide opening between the gauntlets of Presses. Kill the next three Critters (as you go) and optionally kill the Presses behind you. Walk off and boost past the two pits without stopping (to avoid the Presses.) Kill the two Critters coming at you and the Presses behind if you wish. Enter the door to the Balcony. There are two enraged Mimigas before the saving/healing shack, so be careful if you are low on health.

Weapon Tips[edit]

When using the Spur:

  • Use uncharged shots at the bats or let the Whimsical Star kill them if you have it.
  • Unless you find it to be a distraction, charge between each jump except during the precise spike evasion areas on the "third floor."
  • Fire max lasers at lines of Critters.
  • Rapid fire at barrages of enemies.
  • You can lure enemies so that they jump into your lasers.
  • Charge to Max power just before the mini boss. Fire at him at your first chance to get a head start on the battle.

When using the Machine Gun:

  • Get it to level 3 as soon as possible.

When using the Snake:

  • Get it to level 3 as soon as possible.
  • Kill bats that are in the walls and use it to take out hidden Critters.

When using Minimal items:

  • Get the Polar Star to level 3 as soon as possible.
  • Use the Blade on the Mini Boss