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Scene 1: Stop the express![edit]

Scene 1

Don Waldorado has kidnapped the princess, and stowed her aboard the express train. You start at the front of the train and must run along the top of the train in order to reach the last car, fighting mobsters and other enemies along the way. Once you reach the last car, you drop inside, and must now proceed to the front car. Once you arrive, Don Waldorado separates the front car from the rest of the train and escapes.

Scene 2: Search princess![edit]

Scene 2

The Challenger arrives on Waldorado island in pursuit of Don and the princess. Searching about the island in all four directions, you must find the entrances to various caves. Entering one puts you in Scene 3 until you exit back outside. Once you collect the proper items in Scene 3, you will be granted access to the pyramid and Scene 4, but it will take some searching. You can throw daggers to keep the enemies at bay.

Scene 3: Get keyword![edit]

Scene 3

In order to gain access to the pyramid, where Scene 4 takes place, three key components must be collected in Scene 3: the ring, the key, and the crown. Inside the caves are collections of geysers. The Challenger can jump on each geyser top to cross to the opposite side to collect whatever lies there.

Scene 4: Rescue princess![edit]

Scene 4

Once the Challenger gathers all three key components, he can enter the pyramid. You must jump along the rocks and arrive at the "mouth" of the dinosaur shaped boulder where the princess is held captive. Don Waldorado is waiting for you and you must face him in one final battle. After you rescue the princess, you will repeat the game starting at Scene 1 with a higher degree of difficulty.