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Chase H.Q. control panel.jpg
  • Steering Wheel: Use the steering wheel to direct the car left and right, just as you would with any real car; in MAME, this is replicated by the left and right arrows, but after the Turbo Activator has been pushed the car becomes harder to steer due to the fact it has accelerated to an incredible speed.
  • Gas Pedal: Step on the gas pedal to accelerate the car; in MAME, it is replicated by Ctrl by default but you may wish to change it to the up arrow.
  • Brake Pedal: Step on the brake pedal to decelerate the car; in MAME, it is replicated by Alt by default, but you may wish to change it to the down arrow. Some cabinets also do not have a brake pedal meaning there is no way to decelerate on them (apart from taking your foot off the gas pedal).
  • Gear Shifter: Use the gear shifter to change the gear the car is driving in; in MAME, it is replicated by pressing and holding Space to shift to high gear by default (and letting go of it to shift back to low gear again), but you may wish to change it to Ctrl. Pushing the shifter's Turbo Activator will also for a maximum of three times per stage (indicated by the three fan-like symbols in the bottom-left corner of the screen) accelerate the car to an incredible speed for a few seconds - and for MAME this switch is replicated by pressing Shift by default (but you may wish to change it to Alt).
  • Start Button: Push this button to start the game; as with several other racing games that do not support link plays, this game is for one player only.

Patrol Car[edit]

CHQ Patrol Car.png

This custom black Porsche, which one type of sitdown cabinet was in the shape of, is driven by the game's two protagonists, Tony Gibson and Raymond Broady (also known as Mr. Driver); the player must help them catch up with various criminals' cars (which shall get indicated by an arrow with the text "CRIMINALS HERE!" appearing over them when they are caught up with) within a minute, after which a flashing red light appears on its roof, and its siren starts to be heard. They must then ram the criminals' cars until they are too damaged to keep going (while avoiding contact with all other vehicles, as they will cause it to spin out or go off the track, which costs time) within another minute - and as mentioned above, the car also has a Turbo Activator which can be used to make it accelerate to an incredible speed a maximum of three times per stage (and it must be used wisely to catch the criminals before time runs out).