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Entering passwords can be a pain if you can't read Japanese. The character selection box (lower portion) where you select the Japanese letters is separated into columns by sounds. The columns are as follows: W R Y M H N T S K Vowels

The characters are in the standard table format, reading from top to bottom in rows of: ka ki ku ke ko (the k will be substituted for the columns indicators)

Simply substitute the first letter (the column indicator) and then count down the number of rows. For example, if you're looking for め (me), you would look at the column list above and find "M", which is the fourth column from the left. Then you compare the second letter (the row indicator) to the list above and find that "E" is in the fourth row from the top. Now look at the character selection box, and find the character by looking at the fourth column from the left, fourth row from the top.

The three 3-character selections on the left side of the character entry box represent additional functions. The top one means "move selection to the right", the middle one means "move selection to the left", and the bottom one means "place the cursor at the first character". These are only used if you need to change a character or if you want to start from scratch.

Password Effect
こ さ  つ  め や
ko sa tsu me ya
め く ら え ら
me ku ra e ra
き な る よ け
ki na ru yo ke
そ ぬ か し  も
so nu ka shi mo
Stage 2 with Key, Ring, Mace, 200 health, 37M, and 99Exp.