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Area 2-1[edit]

Enemies introduced[edit]

Knife Bomb
China Warrior enemy knife.png
Knives are very much like fireballs, but faster. They travel straight across the screen from right to left, and they move considerably fast. Unlike fireballs, they are likely to appear at various heights. Some will appear so low to the ground, that you will have no chance to attack them, and must leap over them instead.
China Warrior enemy bomb.png
Bombs appear as green spheres that bounce along the floor. If they reach you, they will explode on contact. The safest way to deal with them is to advance closer to the center of the screen, squat down, and punch them at the height of their first bounce.


China Warrior screen 2-1a.png
China Warrior screen 2-1b.png

China Warrior enemy knife.png ×3, China Warrior enemy monk gray.png ×4, China Warrior enemy knife.png ×2, China Warrior enemy monk gray.png ×4, China Warrior enemy bomb.png ×3, China Warrior enemy monk gray.png ×4, China Warrior enemy knife.png ×5, China Warrior enemy fireball.png ×8

The stages of area 2 tend to be shorter than the ones you cleared in area 1, but you must stay on your toes at all times. The first objects you encounter in this stage are three knives. They appear close together, and that can make it difficult to hit all but the first knife. However, both the second and third knives will provide you with health power-ups. The best way to ensure that you can hit both of them is to push Left dpad against the left side of the screen to slow the scroll down so that only one knife appears at a time. After four gray monks attack, two more knives will appear low to the ground. You will have to leap over both of them. After four more gray monks, you will have to deal with the first set of three bombs. Approach the center of the screen to make it easier to deal with them, and punch them while squatting after they bounce one time. After another four monks, five knives will fly across. The first one will be high and can be jump kicked. The second one will be low and must be jumped over. The last three will be at chest level and can be punched. This is followed by eight fireballs which alternate between low and high. The first two low fireballs can be punched while standing, but the second two low fireballs must be punched while squatting.

Boss: Niang Niang[edit]

China Warrior screen 2-1c.png
China Warrior boss 2-1.png

The female martial artist which serves as this stage's boss is very quick and is capable of very acrobatic attacks. However, if you employ the right strategy against her, you will never see any of them. She doesn't handle aggressive men very well. Unlike the first set of bosses, where you stayed on the left side of the screen, you'll want to hold Right dpad and cross over to the right side to push her against the wall. While you've got her trapped there, simply press I button repeatedly to punch her in the head. She will put up no defense to your attack and collapse in a short period of time. You should sustain little to no damage at all.

Area 2-2[edit]

Enemies introduced[edit]

Disc Fan
China Warrior enemy disc.png
Discs are thrown out at you from the right side of the screen. They tend to fall like sticks, except that when they hit the floor, they crash and break apart into smaller pieces. These small pieces can be dangerous if they hit you after bouncing off the floor. Step in, and punch the disc apart to render the pieces harmless.
China Warrior enemy fan orange.png
Fans are designed to deceive you, but once you learn their pattern, they are no more dangerous than knives. Because of their shape, they float in at a high level from the right and travel left, then drop down a little while drifting back to the right. Finally, they execute one more turn and sail across the screen to the left around face or chest level. You can punch them when they approach you.


China Warrior screen 2-2a.png
China Warrior screen 2-2b.png

China Warrior enemy disc.png ×2, China Warrior enemy monk green.png ×2, China Warrior item book.png ×1, China Warrior enemy fan orange.png ×4, China Warrior enemy knife.png ×4, China Warrior enemy monk gray.png ×2, China Warrior enemy fan orange.png ×4, China Warrior enemy disc.png ×1

This stage starts off with a new object to contend with, the discs. Step forward to the middle of the screen so that you can kick the discs and attack them before they hit the ground. If they do, they will break apart and the shattered pieces will hurt you. After two green monks, a book will appear, so be sure to leap up and kick it. After the book, you will be introduced to fans. Four of them will appear. The first three can be punched while standing, but the fourth must be punched while squatting. Next comes four knives. The first one can be punched, and the second one must be jumped over. The third one should be jumped over, but perform the jump late so that you can jump kick the fourth one out of the air and receive a health power-up for doing so. After another pair of monks, four more fans will appear, two of which can be punched high, while the last two must be punched low. Finally, one more disc makes an appearance before you reach the boss.

Boss: Wu Yuanlong[edit]

China Warrior screen 2-2c.png
China Warrior boss 2-2.png

This purple clone of yourself is the first boss where you can't rely on any one tactic that you can repeat over and over again to defeat the boss like you have been able to do with the previous bosses. Instead, you must employ a level of strategy and timing in order to defeat him. There are two strategies that tend to work rather well. When the boss is on the right side of the screen, you have a high chance of successfully hitting him with the flying jump kick (Up dpad+Right dpad+II button). When you hit, you'll have to retreat back to the left before trying it again. If he is standing too close to you when you start it, he will simply block it and counterattack. If he gets too close to the left, push him back by alternating between kicks and punches. After you kick him once, you can usually get inside his defense and punch him. Then kick him and punch again to give yourself the distance you need to return to flying jump kicks. Remember, if he hits you two or three times before you have a chance to attack, press I button to unleash a rage attack against him and knock off three of his health bars.

Area 2-3[edit]

Enemies introduced[edit]

Blue Fireball Yellow Fan
China Warrior enemy fireball blue.png
Blue fireballs are much more difficult to deal with than red fireballs. They blink onto the screen rather than appearing from the right side, and travel to the left incredibly fast. This makes them very difficult to anticipate, much less react to.
China Warrior enemy fan yellow.png
Yellow fans are a lot like the regular fans that you encountered in the previous stage. Except, instead of changing directions two times, they change directions four times. This means that by the time they travel across the screen to hit you, they are rather low to the ground and must be jumped over.


China Warrior screen 2-3a.png
China Warrior screen 2-3b.png

China Warrior enemy fireball blue.png ×3, China Warrior item book.png ×1, China Warrior enemy fireball blue.png ×2, China Warrior enemy monk red.png ×3, China Warrior enemy fan orange.png ×4, China Warrior enemy fan yellow.png ×2, China Warrior enemy bomb.png ×20

When this stage begins you will be assaulted by a set of blue fireballs. These fireballs appear out of thin air, and dart to the right of the screen very quickly. The first three must be jumped over. When the second one appears, so will a power-up book. By the time you leap over the third fireball, jump kick the book to earn more health. Jump over one more fireball, and punch or duck under the fifth. Red monks make their reappearance here with a set of three, followed by two fans that drop low and must be jumped over. Two more fans appear and can be punched. After that, two yellow fans appear. It's actually possible to punch them after the second direction change so that you don't even have to worry about them dropping any further. Finally, the stage ends with 20 green sphere bombs falling to the floor and bouncing over you if you duck beneath them. However, it's possible to kick or punch them, and if you do, you'll find two that provide you with more health, one near the beginning of the set, and one close to the end.

Boss: Yang Quinghua[edit]

China Warrior screen 2-3c.png
China Warrior boss 2-3.png

Compared to the boss of the previous section, you will probably welcome the return of a female martial artist type. Although she possesses more moves than the first section boss, she is no less vulnerable to the same aggressive strategy that you employed earlier. Simply hold Right dpad to advance on her as much as possible and tap I button to punch her. She may deflect a few more of the attacks than the boss of the first section, but she will not be able to defend herself from all of them, and she too will eventually fall.