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This is a continuation of the walkthrough for Chip's Challenge. Levels 121 (PERFECT MATCH) through 140 (ICEDEATH) will be discussed on this page.

Level 124: FIRETRAP
Level 125: MIXED NUTS
Level 126: BLOCK N ROLL
Level 127: SKELZIE
Level 128: ALL FULL
Level 130: ICE CUBE
Level 132: MIX UP
Level 133: BLOBDANCE
Level 134: PAIN
Level 135: TRUST ME
Level 137: GOLDKEY
Level 139: YORKHOUSE
Level 140: ICEDEATH

Level 121: PERFECT MATCH[edit | edit source]

Level 121, no time limit, no chips. This is a good spot to plug eHarmony...

The name of the level means you have to match both tracks of fireballs in the middle so that the green buttons are pressed at the same time, keeping the toggle wall at the lower right in one consistent position. Since the level is untimed, you have a choice of playing around by simply cloning fireballs until the tracks jam up, which stops all button changing, and then going to the labyrinth below to exit, or a fast, 31-second solution.

To do the latter, clone one fireball, then play 2L [1] (2R) 4R, and shove the block onto the ice space just after the fireball arrives above the water, which will divert it into drowning. Now, move [1] (2L, 2L), drown the next two fireballs, then play clockwise to the gravel space and take the path to the exit.

Level 122: TOTALLY FAIR[edit | edit source]

Level 122, time limit 300, 6 chips. Now you see me...

Totally Fair and Totally Unfair are a concurrent set of two levels, one of which is fairly easy, the other downright impossible without some kind of guide or map. Totally Fair, of course, is the former. Start in odd step for best results.

Take three chips, play all the way north to the wall panel, then 6R 4D 2R 2U 2R 2U 3R and up out of the room. At this point, the teeth is stuck in the thin wall maze, and will eventually step on the brown button with some up-and-down moving. After sliding on the force floor, to get the teeth through the maze, play 3R 10D 3R 9U L 2D RD. You can now collect the chip on the right, jump in the trap, and be released in about three moves. Take the other chip, escape again, then go back to the exit with the last chip in front of it. Play fair and you score 272.

Note that unlike Totally Unfair, Chip can execute an easier solution by staying in the teeth area until the brown button is released, and only then walk directly out to the trap.

Level 123: THE PRISONER[edit | edit source]

Level 123, time limit 299, 3 chips. You are number...123?

Again, odd step will yield the best results in The Prisoner. To escape the small prison at the beginning, you need to deflect the fireball into the second bomb on the top. Start by touching the red button, removing the resulting dirt, and then when the fireball touches the red button to clone another block, move [1/2] and a spring step RU, which will cause the fireball to explode the bomb.

Now, escape the area with DURU [second block clone], move this block 2U, clone a third block, walk 5D to divert the teeth from the top, and then use the third block on the water to sneak through the fireballs. Note above that there were more teeth that would escape if more than two green button presses were played!

You can now run all the way to the left, all the way down, and then to the right [using the ice to speed up the third] to take the chips, and then exit above that to score another time of 272.

Level 124: FIRETRAP[edit | edit source]

Level 124, time limit 800, 22 chips. Freedom of speech does not give you the right to shout fire...oh, wait, there is fire!!

This level's puzzles are highly intriguing and multivaried all the way to the end, which makes it a level to study the route to. The stages of Firetrap include moving through various areas of fire, knocking some fireballs onto key buttons, and then with the fire boots, finish the level itself.

Wait for the fireball to go past the trap, then move the block U 2R and wait to be released. In the fire maze, ignore the chips and go for the green button, then slide on the single ice square and collect the nearest chip. Now, run north, switch the tanks all the way to the left side, take the two goodies, and then play directly towards the gravel and the ice path on the west, ignoring chip 1 in the walls. Take the detour to the south to collect one chip and a blue key, then slide on the ice and open the blue lock underneath the circling fireballs.

Play block 1 U, pick up the one chip in this room, then continue to move the block 4L R 2U 7R, which will cause the fireballs to press the green button repeatedly, allowing Chip to continue through to the south. Open the red lock, move this block LU which causes the fireball to control the tanks, and now go back to the tanks, turning right to collect the fire boots!

Now, take the ice shortcut below back to the start, pick up the four chips past the fire, and then bust right back out again. You can now also collect the five chips in the fire maze, and also the one chip remaining in the solid walls near the ice path on the way over to the ice. Finally, remove the chip from the ice path itself, the chip in the southwest area, and then stick to the far south of the level, which leads to the final six chips in a Jenga stack of fire. The socket in the southeast leads to the exit; this is worth 667.

Level 125: MIXED NUTS[edit | edit source]

Level 125, no time limit, 71 chips. Is your wit enough to crack these puzzles?

It is indeed such that Mixed Nuts should be named; the mixed puzzles might drive you nuts!

Move each block into its respective water, starting from the right side, and then collect the chips from the left to the right. After the glider moves back left, you can break past the ball and enter the next section. This room is host to a very famous block moving technique that will be used again and again to maximize the speed of a string of blocks; you will see it in Checkerboard I and After the Rainstorm in particular, among CCLP2 levels.

Move block 9 into the water, then discard block 1 U, as you have one extra and the one that is furthest away is the optimum block to not use, and then play each block D and then each block L, which will allow the lowest block to be used in the next water space. Continue to do this in order to access each of the next four chips, only taking them when the water above them is filled and you're on your way back anyways, and then carry the last block to the north, collecting the fifth chip upwards, and use it on the top water, which allows both chips to be taken.

You can now sneak past the bug on the left, take the first tower of seven chips, and then play U 2R to take the second from the bottom up. Again, play R, then step R again just before being exploded in order to take the chips from the bottom up again. Now, play 2R from the top, which moves you into a new area. Underneath all these blocks are chips, so make sure no block is left untouched! The route through this area is as such: R 2D R 2D LD 2U D 2R DR 2U LD 2R DRURD 3U LDL 2U, and then out to the next room. In this section, there are six different landings, which lead to different points on two separate force tracks that lead to chips. The bottom track is complicated by the addition of two bouncing balls!

Play off landing 5, take the chip, and then go to landing 4 and directly into the southeast corner, then 2U >3L before you step off to the north and take the two chips. Now, step back on the force floors and move >2L 2D to take this chip, then collect the other two bomb chips to the northwest, and now both chips from the second ball, the four chips above that, and the chip off landing 6. Now, move to landing 3, collect all the chips that are available from right to left, and then take the two remaining from landing 1 and then from landing 2. Open the socket, then enter the teleport and walk into the exit.

Mixed Nuts is not timed, but it probably should have been. This is a grand challenge! This route will yield 830 on a 999 time limit.

Level 126: BLOCK N ROLL[edit | edit source]

Level 126, time limit 600, 36 chips. It's been a long time since I've blocked and rolled...

Block N Roll is a special case among the levels in this guide, as well as being extremely hard: Different routes are used depending on your luck! There is a lot of luck required in this level, of course, and there are 68 seconds of block pushing before Chip even gets to the walkers, which tax the player's patience even further. Be willing to spend a lot of time playing this level.

Move the first two blocks into the water, and to get the ones that aren't already free out to the water, move them 2L or 2R and step behind them, which also enables you to get the two chips. Since chips block blocks, remove the chip after you throw the sixth block into the water. Once this is done, enter the walker rooms, play R 2D through them (Memory-style), and walk towards the six blocks at the bottom of this section.

To reach the chips at the top left, move block 5 into the water to free the rest up, then move the fourth block at least 2U, but possibly as far as 6U, depending on the arrangement of the walkers in this room, and then push the blocks in second, fourth, and finally third. Also, when pushing the fourth block through, if you find you have to wait some time to reach it, push the third block L on the way down, which trades two moves now for two moves later. With these chips collected, play all the way to the top of the level, and note how many moves have been lost; three is the limit. If you are still safe, sneak past the bug to collect the six chips. Now, exit this and move to the northwest, which contains a huge collection of blocks. As there are too many blocks to keep track of, only the route is shown.

Move the first two blocks into the water and move: 2L 4D 2L 2U 2L 2R 2U, fully east for the two chips, and then U 10L to open a new pathway to the rest of the blocks. Continue 2D 2L 6D 2U 2R (2U R) DL 3D U 2R 2D 3R 7L RD 3L R; this allows you to play all the way north and all the way right to collect the remaining two chips. Now, return to the walker rooms, jump RDRU through the rooms, then U for one chip and R for a second chip; take one first if you see the walker is blocking the other direction at the moment. Finally, play all the way down and onto the gravel, which contains 15 blocks and 2 bugs; every other block has fire underneath it, and you don't want to lose now!

Off the gravel, move in a zigzag formation: 3D-R 2D-L 2U-L 2D-L 2U-L 2U-R, and then play up a room and move to the right, which has the exit at the end of the path. This route, as shown in the public TWS, yielded 440, and is currently the fastest route on video. The quickest solution known to exist is 441, which although confirmed, has not been clarified as to what the route is now; 442 is possible, and can be done with pretty much perfect walker luck. Remove the walkers from the level and try to get it, with the route given.

Level 127: SKELZIE[edit | edit source]

Level 127, time limit 500, 21 chips. Skelzie? What is that? Some sort of magic trick?

Skelzie is even more of a special case than Block N Roll, because this solution is possible in only the MS version of Chip's Challenge. The glitch that allows the extra second was discovered only recently, and it has not been programmed into Tile World. Do a little bit of preparation by moving the mouse cursor to 4U 2R from Chip's location, allowing both mouse clicks to work at the same time, and then begin playing the level.

Note that Skelzie is a network of rooms with some balls in them, and the one exit from the network allows a massive keyswap which leads to a toggle wall opening, and thus opening the remaining chips for Chip to collect.

Step sideways to dodge the ball, then follow it in: >UDUDUDU to take the red key a space above, then >D [1/2] and *U. The glitch, named the Teleport Skip Glitch, occurs when Chip goes through a teleport using the mouse, and the next teleport is occupied by a monster; Chip will simply move to the next teleport instead. Because of this half-move wait, the ball is on the teleport, and after "skipping", Chip can continue >DUDUD.

Swap the red key for three chips and the blue, yellow and green keys; in the fourth room, take the chip and touch the green button, then enter the telenet through the toggle wall, and move >DUD LU >RLRLRL [1] *R >L, to trigger the glitch again. Note that this is the more difficult one to use, as Chip is moving quicker through the teleports after having waited a full move! Finish with >RLRL (all chips gone) >RLRLR [1/2] >L. Going straight in would cause a last-second collision with the ball that has just gone in; as it is, you can now play DR 2D to exit the level with 454 seconds.

  • NOTE: This is currently impossible in Tile World; to get 454, use the regular 453 route, but leave the green button untouched and hope for a stray blob to touch it. This probably works, but the odds against this are huge.

Level 128: ALL FULL[edit | edit source]

Level 128, time limit 400, 182 chips. This is the level that you can see on the Chip's Challenge Corridor!

All Full, as you can see, is a very pretty design when viewed in full; it is the featured design on the famous Chip's Challenge Corridor, rendered partially in 3D Tile World. The level is actually quite easy; all you really need to know is which directions are the fastest.

Collect the flippers on the left, then touch the red button an additional two times, which causes the balls to jam and stop cloning other balls to the right. You can now swim through the water on the right to collect a key, and use this key to collect some chips, slide onto a force train with another chip on it, and then to three goodies on the left side. (Note that the Controller and Boss Glitch keeps the bug clone machine from cloning.) Now, play onto the gravel, take two chips, then DL and through to five more when the ball has moved, and now the eight chips to your right. Finish this area with the key on the very bottom center, then take the other chip and walk to three more chips and another key.

Go collect the flippers, then walk to the southwest corner and collect another key, then sit in the water until the fireballs drown, and follow by collecting only chip 4 in the room to the north. All Full has four extra chips; one of them was above the first yellow key, and the other three will be in this room. Now, go back to the dirt space from the flippers and plow north into two yellow locks. The remaining 154 chips are contained in this maze; play through it as such:

Take the south fork, then hold to the north to collect a zigzag of chips, and then all the way down in another zigzag. Play UL 2U RL 2U and east until you have 99 left, then down for another 11, and clear out the entire right edge to drop the count to 68 as you collect the extreme right chip. Now, work your way all the way west, then back to the start, and through the remaining yellow locks, to finish the level with 315 seconds on the clock.

Level 129: LOBSTER TRAP[edit | edit source]

Level 129, time limit 300, 6 chips. First of all, I don't see any lobster, and second, I don't see any traps!

The time-honored solution to this level is to clear out a large track for the gliders to play around in, then dive into the "lobster trap" and either remove the bugs and invade, but the quickest way through is to invade directly. This latter method will not work when the gliders are far away, as the mass of bugs will fold in on itself and catch Chip. Therefore, Chip must time his entry at a safe time, but also a time when a glider is behind him.

The route is 5D 2L ULDU [2] 2L [1], then invade when the bug gap turns up. The glider trailing you will mess up the bugs, so you can dive into the exit for a score of 286.

Level 130: ICE CUBE[edit | edit source]

Level 130, no time limit, 32 chips. Take too long and it'll any flippers, Chip?

The entire structure of Ice Cube is pretty much an ice cube with a corner missing, and an outer track with a bug going around it. Except for one spot, don't leave the ice cube!

The ice cube, thankfully, has many routes through it, and is mostly stepping, so the route is simple: 3U RD UDRULRDR 2D U 2L U 2D 3U 2L DLRU 2R 2L DRUR, off the ice cube, then drop 5L to the next exit, LD 2L, and exit. This level will give you the next decade message: "I've made it this far", Chip thinks. "Totally fair, with my mega-brain." Then he starts the next maze....

Level 131: TOTALLY UNFAIR[edit | edit source]

Level 131, time limit 60, 6 chips. Yeah, well life isn't fair!

..."Totally unfair!" he yelps. You will find that this level is almost identical to Totally Fair, except that the time limit is now only 60, and Chip is working completely blind! The only way to complete this teeth-grinder is to use a map, which fortunately can be helped if you read the hint, located at the former entrance to the teeth area: Remember sjum. This means that it is completed in the same manner as Totally Fair as well.

Collect the three chips as before, to send the teeth to the west and into the maze, then play 5U near the hint, and 18R 17U to begin the moving. The "secret recipe" is as thus: RU 3R 2L 8D 5R 4L 8U 5R 4L 6D 4L 4R 5U 3L 4R, and now take the chips and go back to the exit for the last chip and a score of 26.

Level 132: MIX UP[edit | edit source]

Level 132, time limit 999, 28 chips. This level must have gotten mixed should probably be higher!

Not only does Mix Up have many different sections in it, but they all take a good amount of time to play through, which makes this level take over five minutes just to play through once. Even if you find it hard, it should still be fun for many players. Odd step is very highly recommended, though it isn't required; it will make the boosting requirements at the very end much easier.

Start by moving west, then knock out blocks 3 and 1 in this multirow wedge, move block 2 D, and then use the blocks in order 4, 2, 3 and 1 to take the red key. Use this key near the start to enter a block room, which must be organized into the bomb line above. Move block 3 2U out of the way, throw blocks 1 and 3 into the last two bombs, and then also follow with block 2 into bomb 8, moving block 6 L in the process.

Now, knock block 5 L, block 7 2L, block 5 2U 3R, block 7 back R, block 10 2U, block 7 back R again along with block 10, and then block 7 U, block 10 2U, and block 7 L. After this rearrangement, shove block 5 into bomb 7, then block 10 into bomb 5, and then move to the southwest. Run blocks 6 and 9 R, block 6 3R, and then block 7 onto bomb 5's location, using the rule of turning bridges. Run back and move blocks 9 and 6 U, block 4 2U, block 6 L, and block 9 around to bombs 6 and 4. Immediately use block 4, then move block 8 2L U, block 6 2U 3R, block 8 R 2U, and then block 6 and block 8 to finish the defuse job and take the green key. You will not require the services of the blocks to the west of you; the ice strip around the level allows you to break through the force floor, which was not originally intended.

Play past the exit, then note the two water bridges to the left; the right one leads to the chips that will end the level, and the left one takes you to two more areas. Step to the north of this area, move two blocks out of the way, and now move block 2 R, block 4 U, block 2 3R, and then move block 7 out into the passageway and around into the left bridge. From here on out, you will place both blocks in simultaneously, then bridge to the left and then to the right. As you walk back through, move block 3 2R, place block 5 into the corridor, walk around and move block 3 D, then move block 5 above the left bridge, ready to use later. As you return, move block 6 U 3R, carry out block 3, and then use both blocks on the bridges.

Now, use the shortcut on the right side to speed Chip back into the block area; collect block 6 and place it above the bridge, then drop block 1 D, block 4 R 2D, block 1 2R, and now play block 4 out and use them both. Finish by playing block 2 5L, then use blocks 1 and 2, leaving the right bridge unfinished as you complete the left bridge. As you have no blue key yet, jump on the ice strip. At the end of this, you can jump over the force floor, which eliminates any need to use the third bridge to the west, and continue to play down 3D L 3D 3L. Continue to play right all the way to the far right to take seven chips, then U-turn around the water for another seven chips, and now collect the chips on the far left on the way back out to the blue key and back to the southwest corner.

Open the blue lock with the teeth behind it, then play UR 2U (in odd step, the teeth should move) and retreat to the other blue lock, which frees the five blocks. Move LU 2D 3R ULULU 4L ULD to start the movement, then collect block 3 and move it U off block 1, and use block 1 and push block 3 D. Continue this movement with the remaining blocks; move block 2 R, use block 4, and then move block 5 L rather than R before using block 2, according to the Block Donut Rule - this saves four moves at the expense of only two. Empty all the blocks into the water, then go and steal block 6! Off the blue lock, run 3U 2R UDL 2R D [1] 2L UL, finish the bridge, and then wait [1] before emerging from the corridor. This alters the teeth algorithm when Chip steps off [1, 26] to [1, 27] such that Chip can escape the area along the bottom.

Finally, finish the right bridge above this, open the green lock, and then get under the four different wall paths. To complete this level now, go through the first wall and get the second chip, the fourth wall and the third chip, the third wall and fourth chip, and finally the second wall and first chip. All you have to do is watch out when you slide north on the last one - a bug collision is possible! A few steps away is the exit, worth 683 on Mix Up.

Level 133: BLOBDANCE[edit | edit source]

Level 133, no time limit, 30 chips. How do you dance with a blob? First, it will kill you, and second, it's random!

Blobdance is different from Blobnet in its structure of 16 successive rooms, with a more open space and more room to strategize, and also no time limit. Consequently, you can take as much time as you require to play Blobdance, using the tricks you learned from the former level to speed through potentially hazardous situations with little or no risk. Be patient - the last few sections are very hard! There's a reason why I (the author) completed this last of all.

Level 134: PAIN[edit | edit source]

Pain This is the full route, with 218 seconds remaining by T-Chip rules, with repetitive block-pushing or running parts cut out to fit the video under 11 minutes.
Level 134, no time limit, 7 chips. Ever had this pain before?....Well, you got it again!

The fastest solution to Pain is 13 minutes long (781 seconds), with Chip being busy with blocks most of that time, so this route will consist of the route through the top area and then where to make the bridges.

Play into the beehive, touch the first dirt, then move 2D R onto the next one, and [4] for the bug to circle before diving to collect the chips. Wait in the corner for the two bugs to turn north, then jump in and collect the chip, run back out, and wait again. Take the next chip, move block 2 in the corridor U, and retreat around and move the block L as well. Stick block 3 D to drown the bugs, and then shove block 1 3U and all the way right. Finally, run back around, over the brown button (the bug trapped is first in the monster list, so it never comes out) and move the block out and south to the water space. You will now need 68 blocks to reach the exit, but fortunately, you have 86 usable blocks: the 35 in the seven Xs minus one needed to free the blocks on row 14, 28 of the 30 blocks on row 20, 21 of the 22 blocks on row 14, and 3 of the 4 blocks at the beginning.

The first block is used to collect the fire boots, which is block 19 on the bar of 30, and then build six blocks down near the right side, on the left of the last chip. Now, build 25 spaces west, drop a block onto the 24th space, and then remove the three water spaces above that to use the block to remove the water below. Build under the 25th space, then two more spaces under that, and fit a third block into the floor left behind. Now, remove the four water spaces to the left of that, and start building the 25-block pathway to the exit on the far right. How you use the blocks is up to you; you have eighteen extra blocks, so mess around with the level as much as you want.

Level 135: TRUST ME[edit | edit source]

Level 135, time limit 300, no chips. Who do you really trust...the designers or the guide?

The level's structure is that of many different obstacles around yellow keys, one of which is all that is required to reach the exit from the start. However, the bug clone machine on the east end of the start suffers from the Controller and Boss Glitch, as its boss is a paramecium, which will not turn west and allow it to work for seven seconds after it is cloned.

Therefore, all you have to do is play RU and right to the gravel, take the key, and jump back out to exit the level in 7 seconds! The time, therefore, is 293.

Level 136: DOUBLEMAZE[edit | edit source]

Level 136, no time limit, 38 chips. Imagine Ice Cube mixed with a bunch of Oreos...

Doublemaze is one of the most notorious and hardest levels in the entire set, because it is an ice maze (which, of course, is an annoying type of level), and only compounded by the fact that it is extremely hard to write a map because it is, literally, a double maze. Even the map shown here is tough to read! Fortunately, there's no time limit.

The exit is at the end of the maze to the right, so play U first to collect the chips on that end, and then finish the chips when near to the exit. The lettered bases are also used in this guide.

In the first maze, play 4U 3D 2R DL 2R URDR 2U RD (3R U R 2D 4L) 3U 2R (A) D 4R D (LD 2R D 2L) (2R 2D) UR (RU) U 2L (2U L) 2L 5U (B) R 2D 3R (DLD 2R 2U) U (R 2U) LURU 2L, and then go back to B and move 2U (UL 2U LDL) 4L 4U. Go all the way back to A, and now run through the rest of the first maze: U (3L) 3U (2U L) (2L 2U L) 2D 2R 4L ULDLDR (R 2D L) (2D-L) LURURD 2R 2U-L 2U (4U L) L (2U L) (2D LDL) 3L (2D RU) 2U 2R-U 2L. You are now finished with the first maze; 15 chips should remain.

Return to the start, play 2R UR to C, which is the crossroads for the second maze. and then venture into the main part of the second maze. First, move south: DRU 4R U 3R D 2R (D 3L ULD 4L) ULU (2R 3D) ULU 2R DR 2U LUR 2U. Go back to C, and now run into the main space: U 4R 2U RD 2R UL U 2L UR (R 2U 2R DLD 2R 2U RU 3L UL) ULURU 2L 3D (2L UR 2U L) (3D 4L) 3U 2R UL (2U L) 4L D (2L) 2D 2L 2D L 3D R (DL) (2U 4R U 3L U), and you are now moving up to the northwest. Run L and 9U, the longest straight in the level, and RDRURU (3L U) D 2R ULU 4R 2D 3R (D 3R 3U), where the northeast is visible, and now 2R U, base D, and ULU 2R. From here, the only multiple-floor space in Doublemaze, Chip will collect two more chips, then go back and take a third, then exit.

Continue UL 3D L (ULURU 2L) 2L UL 2U L for those two chips, then return to base D and move 2L (2L U) to the final chip and 2U 8L DLU 3L to finish the level. The constant stream of boosting makes this an almost impossible bold, possibly greater than Block Buster; you pretty much have to see the future or be the DragonForce guitarist to score it. The bold is at 926, although it might possibly reach 927. A 927 score has not been achieved, nor has it been confirmed if that is the actual Melinda time.

Level 137: GOLDKEY[edit | edit source]

Level 137, time limit 450, no chips. But with the current price of gold...

This is the second level reachable from Cypher, and is possibly one of the easier ones if you can take the boosting. There are, however, some alluring fake sections

You can exit the paramecia room with many routes; an easy one is 2U 15R 6U 2R. Start collecting the keys as you go through the maze, and when you take the third key, wait for the bugs before you move to the others. In Goldkey, you have a set of yellow keys, which you have to collect in the right order and use them to play through the level in various sections. Open the four locks, then play onto the force floors, and turn 2U, 2D, 2U, and 2D when you can fit through the fire spaces. Pick up the key on the bottom track, and then play 2U on the tracks once more to break through the two locks. You no longer have any keys, but from the blue wall, you can play U 4R URU 2R 2D R to collect this key; it's quicker than walking D 24R due to the force floors. Now, run back to the block and play 3U R to one key, then follow out to the recessed wall to break through another row of locks. The keys underneath are unreachable alive!

Go through the gravel, the next recessed wall, and the runs of balls, then use the flippers to swim to the lower side of the northwest area, which collects another key. Play DL from the flipper landing again, and then move 3D to a second key. Now, play D and 4R 3U R again, and now east instead of south. With the one key still remaining, open the secret blue wall panel, then wait for the fireball if you can see it coming, and play U and 15R, through the last yellow lock, into the exit. You acquire 392 seconds from the gold vault.

Level 138: PARTIAL POST[edit | edit source]

Level 138, time limit 300, no chips. If there's no post on Sundays, there's only partial post the rest of the week...

This level will puzzle and hopelessly stump its players, unless you can figure out what the hint means. The idea behind this level is to stuff all 16 blocks into the eight rooms other than the one Chip starts in, and leave them R and 2R from the teleport, which causes the R move in the original room to have no destination, and thus simply dropping Chip into the exit. This technique is named after the level, and is still common today.

Slide DUDUD, stuff blocks 14, 15 and 12 north into the teleport, and finally 9 west into the teleport, and follow block 9 through and follow it R back in. This will be common in the next stages: moving the block through both teleports. Now, >UDUD into the block room again, then move blocks 16 and 13 L, and then block 10 through both teleports. Slide DUD back in, move block 13 through both teleports, and >UD, using blocks 11 and 16 in the same way. Now, move to the blocks on the top.

Slide DU again, put block 6 through both teleports, slide U and shove block 1 west and again through both, slide U again, move block 4 D 2L D, and don't follow it. Shove block 7 west into the teleport as well, ignoring it, then nudge block 8 3L, block 5 2L, block 8 D, and blocks 2 and 3 south into the teleport, at some point pushing block 5 2D to complete the first partial post.

Now follow the block, push whichever block you hold to R off the teleport in the first three rooms, and then slide again into the start room. Shove the block R and follow it in, and finish the partial post in this and the remaining rooms. Slide one last time into the start room, then walk R onto the teleport, and you are simply thrown into the exit. You get a partial reward of 240 seconds.

Level 139: YORKHOUSE[edit | edit source]

Level 139, no time limit, 388 chips. New York, New York, so hard it's level 139...

The entire level is composed of walkers stuck in "yorkhouses" of chips, among the 388 chips contained in the level. Since there are no places for the walkers to slide, they can only move at Chip's speed. Even if the walker is heading directly at you, unless it is one move away from you when you pick up the intended chip, you will succeed. If you can take a different method of collecting the yorkhouse, such as simply turning in the opposite direction, then do so.

This level has been completed in 79 seconds with the best of luck; try to simply complete the level first, because there is of course no time limit. Remember that the exit is at the bottom center, so try to economize by collecting one side, then the other side, and then the bottom, and exit.

Level 140: ICEDEATH[edit | edit source]

Level 140, time limit 300, no chips. What ice death? I thought ice only slid Chip...Gah!

As long as you have this map, Icedeath will be quite easy. However, many players didn't have an editor or a map in the old days, and the level was therefore extremely difficult. Imagine Doublemaze with water in place of the dead ends, without any warnings as to where the water is!

Nowadays, we have a level guide, and the route is as such: UR 2U LDRDR 3D 2L 2U 2L ULULDRDL 2D RD 2R URUR 2U 2L U 3L 2D 2R D 2R 2D 2R U 3L U 2L D 4R 2U 4L 4U 2R D 5R U to the ice skates, and then skate back to the exit. The final decade message now turns up: "Groov-u-loids! Chip makes it almost to the end. He's stoked!" Meanwhile, the score is 263.