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The third stage of this game; you can skip this one for Zone D if you completed Zone C. The setting is the diner.


  • At the start of this stage, stack up the metal blocks, jump on it, jump to the first stool, then jump to the left and run into a large crate to get an acorn.
  • Jump to the right, stay on the top of the counter, throwing crates at mechanical mice and collecting flowers.
  • Continue right and go though the hole in the wall.
  • Avoid the bears that can uses pop guns that shoot three balls. Use the crates to protect yourself.
  • Continue right and you'll see faucets running water. Turn them off by jumping on them three times. Collect flowers while you're at it.
  • Continue right, jump on the stove dials, and avoid getting hit by flies.
  • Go through the door, continue jumping on the stove dials and avoid getting hit by flies.
  • Run into a large crate to get a P Elixir.
  • Continue right, throwing crates at ditzes that transform into your character.
  • Hold onto the last crate for the last enemy and go through the door.

Boss: Toy Rocket Ship[edit]

This thing flies across the screen, disappears for a second, and comes back at the random place, dropping miniature aliens while at it. Grab a bouncing ball, and toss it up in the air. If the rocket ship is flying at you, throw it across the screen. Repeat it four more times, and it's gone.