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  • Location:Lizard Rock
  • Plot Progression: Get the Komodo Dragon Scales by defeating three Komodo Dragon pups at Lizard Rock, then use the northwest exit to reach Opassa Beach, where Leena is waiting for you.

Catching the Komodo Dragon Pups[edit]

  • Starting area: Walk towards the pup slowly so it runs through the cave, but not into the water, then push the nearby rock in front of the cave. Next, slowly walk around to where the dragon is, and when he runs into the blocked cave you'll be able to catch him.
  • Left area: Chase the pup around the circular path until you catch it.
  • Lower area: Jump onto the pup from the high ledge towards the center.
  • Miscellaneous:
    1. You can push the large purple rocks.
    2. Enemy HP is reduced by approximately 1/2 if you're alone.
    3. There is a hole behind a bush at the lower left of the left area.
    4. You'll fight the Mama Komodo Dragon after you beat all three Komodo Dragon pups in the same fight.