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  • Location: Arni Village
  • Plot Progression: Speak to Leena at the pier, then leave Arni Village and head southwest to Lizard Rock.
  • Possible Party Members:
    • Poshul - Give her a Heckran Bone
  • Miscellaneous:
    1. Join Radius' lecture in the field for battle training.
    2. Talk to Gonji to learn about using Key Items
    3. To obtain the Heckran Bone, go to the restaurant and look underneath the bed. Once you get the bone, leave the restaurant and go to the left, where Radius is. Walk to Poshul (the dog), press Square and choose "Heckran Bone".
    4. Before moving on, you should also go to the house near the restaurant. Speak to the fisherman in the basement and he will give you the "Shark Tooth". This item allows you to get another character (Mojoy) later.
Item Character Location Action/Answer
200 Gold N/A Serge's House Look under Serge's bed
Komodo Scale Fisherman Left of Serge's House "You're probably right!"
Shellfish Frame N/A Next to Shop Owner Look on shelf
Photon Ray N/A Leena's house Look in bucket
Uplift Young Boy In front of Kiki's house Give him a Komodo Scale
Shark Tooth Kiki's Father Basement of Kiki's house Talk to him
Uplift N/A Belcha's Kitchen Inspect barrel numerous times
Heckran Bone N/A Belcha's Bedroom Look under the bed
Aqua Beam N/A In front of Radius' house Look in bucket
Cure N/A Radius' House Look behind the picture