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After an FMV of a large castle, the game begins in that casle with three characters entering it through a door. These characters are Serge, Kid, and a third character who is chosen at random. To the left of the entrance is a balcony, where a glowing purple beacon can be seen. To the right is a large room with enemies, including a Cybot and an Alphabat. You have to take the far-left path with the Cybot on it, and go down into the next room. After that, simply run up the stairs past the Alphabats and into the next room. Keep going straight without going up stairs and go into the next room, and you will find the purple beacon. Go up and examine it, which turns it off. This activates the round platform in the center of the previous room. Go to it by going down the path and going up the second set of stairs from the room you were just in, and it will take you up to the top of the castle. After walking to the door, an FMV will occur, and Serge will wake up in his bed, with it turning out to be just a dream.


Name HP Innate Gold Items Stolen Items
Cybot 100 Yellow 0 Tablet N/A
Alphabat 100 Black 69 Tablet N/A