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Welcome to the walkthrough of Chrono Trigger. This game has three versions, however all three follow the same plot. Extra zones for the Nintendo DS are covered on their respective pages (please see the table of contents).

Sections of the walkthrough are split up into chapters as defined by the developers (note that in the Table of Contents, the remake names of each chapter are in bold). These sections appear as sub-pages on StrategyWiki, and split up the plot. Each chapter is named according to the name of the saved game file title that appears during that section of the game. Therefore, if you need help locating your place in the walkthrough, please save your game, reset your console, and read the title of your game file.

This walkthrough will help you achieve the official ending of the game while prompting you to acquire items along the way to ease the difficulty of the battles.

Chrono Trigger is often credited for its use of multiple endings, and because each ending essentially depends on what chapter you are in when you defeat the final boss, a small section of each chapter mentions how to fight the boss and what will happen if you beat him during that chapter.