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There are five major stage challenge types, each in its own column. All maps have a 30 second time limit, and there are only three arrows allowed at a given time.

In addition to the normal levels, you can opt to play user-created levels, either created yourself or given by another player.

Get Mice[edit]

ChuChu Challenge A1.png

A1 — Straight forward - Place left arrows to move the mice outside, and down arrows directly above the rockets.

ChuChu Challenge A2.png

A2 — The difficulty is finding the path from the whole map to the rocket in the top left corner; while gaps in the walls are visible, the image to the left shows the route marked in red.

ChuChu Challenge A3.png

A3 — The ChuChus scatter themselves around the map, but are in no direct danger of falling into the holes. You should be able to get them into the rockets without problem.

ChuChu Challenge A4.png

A4 — Place an arrow at the bottom-left corner, then get the ChuChus into the 4-square section in the center. Guide the ChuChus down as you normally would.

ChuChu Challenge A5.png

A5 — The most difficult of the Get Mice challenges. If you haven't already, set the control mode to Pro (available in the options) to allow fast one-button drops. The difficulty in this map is reaction and reflexes.

There are eight ChuChus circling in the right, and four more which can be retrieved en-route. Moving ChuChus down in each column isn't difficult, but moving them up is hard. Place a left arrow just after the exit of a 4x4-square, a right arrow when they need to turn, then an up arrow in the 4x4 to get them moving. As soon as the ChuChus clear the small room, place an up arrow next to the right arrow to let them continue.

Run away[edit]

ChuChu Challenge B1.png

B1 — Place up arrows in the path of the ChuChus to get them to the upper rocket.

ChuChu Challenge B2.png

B2 — Get the ChuChus circling around the border into the circular paths of the inner ChuChus. Next, move the KapuKapus to the border, allowing the ChuChus to get a safe path to the exit.

ChuChu Challenge B3.png

B3 — The bottom-most row contains a hole that can be used to dispose of the KapuKapus. Once they're out of the way, you can guide the ChuChus to the rockets.

ChuChu Challenge B4.png

B4 — Get the ChuChus in the bottom-left corner free first, then trap the KapuKapu in there. Next, get the ChuChus out of their 4-square cages as quickly as you can drop arrows.

ChuChu Challenge B5.png

B5 — The first threat is the KapuKapus reaching the rockets. Place down arrows in their path, to deflect them behind the ChuChus. Next, rescue the ChuChus at the top by collecting them into the top-most row and guiding them to the rocket.

Lunch Time[edit]

This is the inversion of the normal rules: you guide all ChuChus into the hungry KapuKapu.

ChuChu Challenge C1.png

C1 — Guide the ChuChus to the center loop.

ChuChu Challenge C2.png

C2 — Either guide the ChuChus to the center, or guide both the KapuKapu and ChuChus to the same loop.

ChuChu Challenge C3.png

C3 — Get the ChuChus out of their letters.

ChuChu Challenge C4.png

C4 — First, collect all the ChuChus into the bottom-left cell. From there, you can easily fill up the KapuKapu.

ChuChu Challenge C5.png

C5 — Of the lunch time challenges, this is the most difficult, as you have to guide the ChuChus and have them evade the pits. While the path is easily visible, the main difficulty is from the strict time limit and having to perform quick arrow placement.

100 Mice[edit]

ChuChu Challenge D1.png

D1 — Fill the rockets from the spawn points that did not create the KapuKapu.

ChuChu Challenge D2.png

D2 — Either trap the KapuKapu in the bottom-left corner, or bounce the KapuKapu along the top area. Use the arrows to guide the ChuChus to the right-hand rockts.

ChuChu Challenge D3.png

D3 — At the top three rows, place down arrows to get the ChuChus into the section below, but place a left arrow in the row containing the KapuKapu. Once the flow of ChuChus stops (because there are 100 ChuChus on screen), place down arrows and guide them to the bottom.

ChuChu Challenge D4.png

D4 — If you can, trap the KapuKapu into the area left of the spawn point. Then, build up the 100 ChuChus required to escape, by guiding through the hole in the right to wrap them to the left-most room. From there, guide the ChuChus to the center corridor, which gives access to the rockets.

ChuChu Challenge D5.png D5 — If left as is, the ChuChus will simply run into the pits near the spawn point. Place three down arrows before the three left-hand entrances, and collect the ChuChus. Place a right arrow in the ChuChus's path to collect them into the center, and place arrows to guide them to the exit.

While you could attempt to get ChuChus from the right-most entrance, it takes more effort as the ChuChus would otherwise charge into a hole.

Cat Soccer[edit]

The objective is to get as many cats into the opponents rockets as possible. Arrows can only deflect the mutated cats twice; after that, they disappear.

ChuChu Challenge E1.png

E1 — While the map is simple, the CPU is aggressive on this map and will try to place as many arrows as possible to direct the KapuKapus to your rockets. Simply place as many up arrows as possible, keeping focus at the bottom-right rocket.

ChuChu Challenge E2.png

E2 — The close nature of the goals will confuse the AI slightly. However, you can still get KapuKapus into the red rockets without trouble

ChuChu Challenge E3.png

E3 — The AI places focus on defending only one of its rockets - guide the KapuKapus to the other one.

ChuChu Challenge E4.png


Final battle[edit]

ChuChu Challenge E5.png

This challenge stage plays just like a versus match - try to get as many ChuChus into your rockets, and make sure your opponents rockets receive the KapuKapus.

From time to time, you will see a red mouse with a question mark on top. Rescuing this mouse will create a special event.

As with other challenge maps, there is a 30 second time limit. However, you will automatically win if you lead by 100 mice.

There is nothing unlocked by completing the challenges.