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Wonders are a game element that gives the player bonuses when built. Wonders, which have been based on real places, people and ideas, can only be built once by one player. Wonders also cost no maintenance fees.

Wonder Description Requires Costs
Civ1 Wonder ApolloProgram.png Apollo Program Allows the construction of Spaceships. Makes all cities on the map visible Space Flight 600 Shields
Civ1 Wonder Colossus.png Colossus +1 trade per trade square in the city until the development of Electricity Bronze Working 200 Shields
Civ1 Wonder CopernicusObservatory.png Copernicus' Observatory Doubles knowledge production in city, until the development of Automobile Astronomy 300 Shields
Civ1 Wonder CureForCancer.png Cure for Cancer +1 happy citizen in each city Genetic Engineering 600 Shields
Civ1 Wonder DarwinsVoyage.png Darwin's Voyage Two immediate civilization advances Railroad 300 Shields
Civ1 Wonder GreatLibrary.png The Great Library Gives you any technology that two other civilizations posess, until the development of the Universary Literacy 300 Shields
Civ1 Wonder GreatWall.png The Great Wall Other civilization always offer to make peace with you, until the development of Gunpowder Masonry 300 Shields
Civ1 Wonder HangingGardens.png Hanging Gardens +1 happy face in each city, until the development of Invention Pottery 300 Shields
Civ1 Wonder HooverDam.png Hoover Dam Supplies Hydro power to all cities on the continent Electronics 300 Shields
Civ1 Wonder IsaacNewtonsCollege .png Isaac Newton's College Increases the benefit of Libraries and Universaries, until the development of Nuclear Fission Theory of Gravity 400 Shields
Civ1 Wonder JSBachsCathedral .png J.S. Bach's Cathedral Decreases unhappy people on continent by 2 per city Religion 400 Shields
Civ1 Wonder Lighthouse.png Lighthouse Increases sea movement rates by 1 MP, until the development of Magnetism MapMaking 200 Shields
Civ1 Wonder MagellansExpedition.png Magellan's Expedition Increases sea movement rates by 1 MP Navigation 400 Shields
Civ1 Wonder ManhattanProject.png Manhattan Project Allows the construction of nuclear weapons Nuclear Fission 600 Shields
Civ1 Wonder MichelangelosChapel.png Michelangelo's Chapel Increases the effect of Cathedrals, until the development of Communism Religion 300 Shields
Civ1 Wonder Oracle.png Oracle Doubles the effect of Temples, until the development of Religion Mysticism 300 Shields
Civ1 Wonder Pyramids.png Pyramids Allows change of government without Anarchy and makes available all forms of government. Both of these effects lasts until the development of Communism Masonry 300 Shields
Civ1 Wonder SETIProgram.png SETI Program Increases knowledge production in all cities by 50% Computers 600 Shields
Civ1 Wonder ShakespearesTheatre.png Shakespeare's Theatre All unhappy in city are content, until the development of Electronics Medicine 400 Shields
Civ1 Wonder UnitedNations.png United Nations Other civilization always offer to make peace with you Communism 600 Shields
Civ1 Wonder WomensSuffrage.png Women's Suffrage Reduces unhappy people by one per unit not in home city under Republic or Democracy Industrialization 600 Shields