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Apollo Program[edit]

Launch of a spaceship into planet orbit. Astronauts return with pictures of the globe. Effect being whole map revealed

The Colossus[edit]

The city that built The Colossus will produce one extra trade arrow in each square that already produces one. Effects expire with discovery of Flight

Copernicus' Observatory[edit]

Copernicus' Observatory will increase the science output of the city it is built in by 50%. Effects do not expire.

Cure for Cancer[edit]

The Cure for Cancer provides one extra happy citizen in each city. Effects do not expire

Eiffel Tower[edit]

Shakespeare's Theatre[edit]

The Great Library[edit]

The Great Lighthouse[edit]

The Great Wall[edit]

Grants virtual City walls to every city of owners civ. Increasing defence.

Effect expires after discovery of Metallurgy

The Hanging Gardens[edit]

Hoover Dam[edit]

Isaac Newton's College[edit]

J.S. Bach's Cathedral[edit]

King Richard I's Crusade[edit]

Leonardo's Workshop[edit]

Magellan's Expedition[edit]

Magellan's Expedition.

The construction of Magellan's Expedition allows all of one's own naval vessels to move 2 more spaces than listed in their description.

Manhattan Project[edit]

Marco Polo's Embassy[edit]

The Oracle[edit]

The Pyramids[edit]

SETI Program[edit]

Michelangelo's Chapel[edit]

Adam Smith's Trade Company[edit]

Statue of Liberty[edit]

Sun Tzu's War Academy[edit]

Darwin's Voyage[edit]

United Nations[edit]

Women's suffrage[edit]