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Clash at Demonhead NES map Route 1.png
Walkthrough highlights
  • First encounter with Tom Guycott.
  • From the right exit, explore Route 2 in order to reach Route 5.
Right exit
4 2
Clash at Demonhead NES map 1-2-3-4.png 3


This is the first route that you will visit when you begin the game. It starts out by greeting you with a set of heat-seeking missiles. When shoot them, they explode and the resulting explosion can harm you, so steer clear. The missiles are followed by a set of less dangerous enemies which slowly float to the ground before flying up again. They may drop items like money when destroyed.

When you reach the valley in the middle, a skeleton looking creature will attack you, but your gun will have no effect on him. After flying towards you two times, he starts talking to you. He tells you that he is Tom Guycot, the chief of the governors. He lets you know that he'll wait for you in his fortress on Route 33, but that you need the royal medallions of the seven governors to reach him. And then he disappears.

On your way out, you'll encounter a set of bouncing enemies among the blocks to the right of the valley. They are followed by another set of heat seeking missiles. Advance to the statue to reach the first intersection. Since this route has only one exit, you are unlikely to ever return to Route 1 for the rest of the game.