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Clash at Demonhead NES map Route 10.png
Right exit
10 8
Clash at Demonhead NES map 4-8-10.png 4
Left exit
Clash at Demonhead NES map 7-10-13.png 7


  • There is a cabin hidden above the top of the screen near the left exit.


For the sake of the walkthrough, it is assumed that you have arrived from the right exit. When you first a arrive, a large bouncing enemy will approach you from the left. Shoot him to defeat him, and then press Down dpad+A button to drop through the platforms to the screen below.

The humanoid enemies with guns patrol this region. Shoot the first two that you see, and then jump up to the ledge near the top of the screen. Watching out for the flame which flies straight up out of the pit below, head to the left, and take out two more humanoids.

Proceed to the left and as you do, remove any humanoids that you encounter. Below a gap in the ceiling, you'll find some gold, but the gap leads nowhere. Continue left, and you'll eventually find another bouncing enemy like the one you encountered when you arrived. There's another gap in the ceiling here, and you can jump through this one.

You'll arrive in a new screen with three humanoids and a hut. You can clear away the humanoids and then jump up to the hut's door. Pass through, and you'll find two more humanoids guarding a man. Shoot the humanoids to rescue the man, and he'll recommend that you find the Hermit, which, if you've been following along on the walkthrough, you've already accomplished.

Exit the building and head back to the screen below. Drop down to the ground before attempting to cross over the final pit and reach the exit on the left. A flame jet flies out of the pit. You can destroy it if you shoot it twice. It doesn't even have to be on the screen for each shot, you can hit it once, let it disappear and then reappear, and shoot it again to remove it. Then jump on the ledge which will sink a little bit under your weight. Let it drop down quite a bit before attempting to jump over the gap. If it's not low enough, you will hit your head on the ceiling, which will cut your jump short, and you'll fall in the pit.

Game walkthrough[edit]

Now that you've made it to the left side of this route, you can exit and head to Route 7.